Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well,I knew it would come to this!

Hi Ya everyone! I am so glad you could stop by.

This is my first post,as I allowed Rosie to do the first one for Articulate Animals a part of the National Gallery of Writing!

I think she had fun doing it,but it meant we had to have a "home" to post it...So mom let me go ahead and use her blogger account!(She was never going to use it anyway,so it is just as well that I get to use it!)So as soon as I can figure out all the different things here like posting pictures & backgrounds,I will try to write a little something every week or so.

"Now,I'm just a Dog,Jim..." as my friend @pcam pointed out the other nite on Twitter,so don't expect Steinbeck here...snicker...But I hope we all can have some fun with it.
I may even let Rosie do another guest post!


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  1. We approve of the handing over of the blog. Well done to your mummy for seeing sense!!