Monday, April 12, 2010

We Can All Help, We Can All Be The Change

  Over this past weekend the first Blogpaws convention was held. This was for people and animals that blog, and want to help animals. We weren't able to attend, but I bet it was a grand time, and all these folks got a chance to see where they have come in the past year. Several of them have blogged about animals or worked with animal rescues and shelters for a long time. But many of them saw this past year because of twitter, facebook and other social media sources what they could do as well, so they joined in at the pawpawties, helped their local shelters, started blogs, and twittered, twittered, twittered! (boy have we driven the "real" people there crazy!) And they have seen that even a little bit can help. And all those little bits added up to a lot of help for a lot of homeless animals.

  Even the "real" people are joining us now. Either with their animals getting an account (with the invariable effect of the animal soon having more followers than they do!),or they come to the pawpawties as themselves. From only a few hundred "pawpawtiers" to now several thousand all over the world! It's a very little thing, but it means so much for all the homeless animals out there. And it is something we can all do. The average donation at the pawpawties is probably $10. but, it's a lot of $10. that add up to a lot of help!(and we all have a super time pawtying!)

  You don't have to have a blog where you update daily, maybe only once or twice a month. A lot of the animal blogs do mostly pictures and videos to show what they've been up to. But, you never know how wide your audience might be. So, if you post about the latest pawpawty, a lot of folks may see it! The folks that are not involved with the anipals or the pawpawties might just get to read where you are telling about helping at your local shelter, or how the pawpawty raised over a $1000. for that month's shelter and decide that they can help too! Never underestimate the effect you can have for good. So, do what you can, where you can. And help spread the word, on twitter, on facebook, on your blog, to your neighbors and friends.

  Maybe all you feel comfortable doing is RTing a tweet on Twitter, or posting a link on your Facebook, even that does help! Look at how @BigBoyBosco 's mom found Ginger! From a Re-tweet of a twitter post telling Ginger's story. Or Ming Shai last December, when Kittenrescue, Carsoncats, and Smokey8 and myself had to save that little old gal from the Los Angeles shelter! You can be the change folks!

 We can all make a difference for homeless animals.

 I'll leave you with the wonderful video Pawpawtie's CED @frugaldougal and his staff did for the Blogpaws convention. It says it all!

~ Dolly

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tattle Tails

...snicker....Baby Patches' mom is having a contest for BP's 2nd birthday over at Nip and Bones! And I just couldn't help ratting on all my sisfurs! Here's the contest for anyone who would like to enter, and give up their most "Terrible Twos" moment. You don't have to be two, or do two terrible things, or have two of you doing the terrible thing! Although teamwork some times pays off! Just the most terrible thing you have ever done & are willing to admit to!!

 I figured I'd tattle on everyone here!...snicker....

Where to start...hmmmmm...

 Mom can't even begin to count the pairs of Little Girl's ballet shoes that Ginger and I have eaten. I say it's little Girl's fault for leaving them out! Or the number of phone,computer & other assorted electrical cords we have all eaten. Although, Ginger wins in this catagory with eating through a line of Christmas Tree lights!

 Ginger and I do have a Tag Team event around here that keeps mom on her toes. I'm too short to reach the trash bag, or the catfood dish...but Ginger isn't! So if our hoomins have made the mistake of not taking the trash bag out when they leave for the day this is what we do. First Ginger stand up to the counter that we want to get something off of. Then she pulls it over the edge. Then we both grab hold of the sides of the bag and carry it to the living room where we can spread it out and check out each piece of garbage.We can spend a wonderful morning this way! Of course this only works on rainy days when we get to stay inside while they are gone, or in the middle of the night, as that is also a great time for this caper! Although we generally get caught if we try this at night because Ginger makes too much noise!

 Oh! Next is Rosie's Raiders!...snicker...One of Rosie's favorite things to do is raid the kitchen drawers, and she has lots of help! Both Luna and Molly follow her into whichever drawer Rosie has pulled open, and find a way to get to the next,or the next, drawer over to find a treasure they want to drag out and play with. Sometimes they even drag out stuff for me to play with! Amongst the stuff they have drug out have been extra squeakers for our toys, plastic mesh bags that apples and tangerines have come in, glue sticks, catnip,and an occasional set of keys!

 Luna and I also have a Tag Team event of our own! Luna, like a lot of cats loves to unroll the toilet paper. Left to her own devices that results in a big pile of toilet paper on the bathroom floor...snicker...But, when I help it means I grab a hold of some of that paper and run all over the house!! Oh, do I like making THAT mess! Rosie also has a variation on this where instead of unrolling the toilet paper on purpose, she uses it as a scratching post! Same results, just a lot more little pieces all over the house when I'm done!...snicker...

 Oh, I can not leave this one out, even if I am ratting on myself! The hoomins NEVER leave the dining room table unattended when there is food on it! Doesn't matter if the chairs are completely tucked in or not there at all, or that that table is more than two feet taller than me.....yummm...BBQ steak! I'm drooling just thinking about it(Be right back, I've just got to go see if there's anything there now!)

 I think however the funniest terrible thing we've ever done goes to Ginger! She didn't mean to be terrible, she was trying to help I'm sure...snicker...(sure she was!)!

 Mom was planting rose bushes one day, and our ground is very hard clay. This meant that mom was digging over-sized holes and then filling them with water to soften the ground a little. Ginger had been sitting there snoopervising mom, but waterdogs are waterdogs after all! Mom had dug and filled about ten holes with water, and had gone to get her potting soil to put in the holes....well I think a picture is worth at LEAST a thousand words in this case!

Well, what can I say...snicker...Ginger sure gets the prize for the DIRTIEST terrible thing....

OK, folks now go enter Baby Patches' contest & tell us all your most terrible stunts!
Nip and Bones Terrible Twos contest