Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Everyone!

Happy 2010 !

  I thought it might be fun for us to review some of what the anipals accomplished in 2009. I wish I had thought to save more from all of our pawpawties this year. We all had so much fun, and they grew in such a way that none of us could have foreseen.We have made wonderful friends and created a way for all of us to help animals. The Anipal Twitterverse has a lot to be proud of for 2009!

February ~

 Many of the UK anipals were celebrating Rednose Day, and many of the US and Aussie anipals found a way to sport a rednose in support of their friends, so that the twitterverse saw tons of red noses.

 It gave us all a common cause, and @romeothecat and @frugaldougal decided we could try to have our first organized pawpawty in March.

The St Pawtys Day Pawpawty

  Oh,did we have a wonderful twenty four hours.Of course there were pwises,and anipals took turns DJing, @BunnyJeanCook and @CosmoHavenese, and several others kept the tunes spinning! It wasn't organized like we know the pawpawties now. But we had green drinks and noms, and all the cats made sure there was plenty of nip! @SylvieDog made cookies and was one of our 1st barktenders. Some of the anipals were able to use tweetgrid, but most worked off their webpage, or tweetdeck.We were invaded by a lot of spammers and SylvieDog's dad set up a "RealPawpawty" site to keep them out. It was the first"collecter" site for our pawpawty hashtags, and was so cool, because it was a moving waterfall of our tweets and avatars! Later the Sekurity Patrol was created to help keep out the spammers and to help folks to find the Tweetgrid search page.Our charity was Animals in Distress.

 There's even more to read about the St Pawty's Day pawpawty at frugaldougal's blog 

The April Pawpawty ~

  It was Easter time,and one of our favorite cats' birthday! @BrewskieButt turned 5 and was the host for the festivities! Our charity was @Kittenrescue in Los Angeles. It was held on April 5th.

The Brew's staff,@BZTAT did this wonderful picture of him for the pawpawty

For well over a week before, the anipals started sporting their pawpawty finery

  Once again we had a wonderful twenty four hours, and for the first, but not the last time, we made our target to raise funds for our charity. We all brought Easter ham, and noms to share. We drank barkaritas and catinis.We had quizzes and pwises! Once again, we had twitter search problems, and spammers to deal with. But we were the #1 twitter trending topic! The DJing was getting more organized with @FergustheDog and @CosmoHavanese getting the DJ's organized to cover the entire twenty four hours.

@EmmytheCat once again did the wonderful pawpawty pawwall

And then we went to PussyCatIsland on the 18th.  @BrewskieButt drove the boat to the Island. @MonkeyCat and @BabyPatches were some of the cats that were there! @Copious_Tuna swam along side the boats and surfers. Dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs joined in.

Perry was ready WELL in advance!

One of the cats at #PussyCatIsland!...snicker..

And @BorisKitty provided the first Sekurity patrol !

@CatnamedSinbad made us all our own surfboards to use on the PussyCat Island beach!

The May Pawpawties ~

  We were having such a wonderful time with our pawpawties, we just had to have two in May also!!

   First we had the super fun Cinco de Mayo pawpawty! Our charity this time was the Margaret Green Animal Rescue Centre in the UK. For over a week beforehand @henryandfriends showed us all wonderful pictures of this great facility. We were all so happy to be supporting this wonderful shelter!

 We found Jib-Jab, and had some fun videos of anipals doing the Mexican Hat Dance! We had what was left of the tequila that @perrythebirman and @FergustheDog didn't drink the night before from @SylvieDog's bar. As usual they blamed it on @MugsyDog...

  Once again we had a super time, with lots of wonderful noms, DJs,and quizzes. There were puppy pinatas, and castanets! Oh, and giant Barkaritas! And once again we met our target for the shelter.

The Cinco de Mayo PawWall,
as you can see it is growing in numbers

  The second pawpawty was the Weekendroadtrip! This one took place over the weekend of May 23 and 24th. This was a national banking holiday in the UK and Memorial Day here in the US. @GD_Kenworth and I thought it would be a really fun time to take a virtual weekendroadtrip around the globe. And it was! So many anipals helped to do this by being the Tour Guides in different parts of the world! @frugaldougal took us to London, @EmmytheCat to Cornwall, @rumblepurr took us to NewZealand, @PeanieWeanie took us to see Santa Barbara, Calif, @BrewskieButt took us to the Art District in Canton, Ohio. We visited so many wonderful places! And ate so many wonderful and exotic noms all over the world!

 Then while we were visiting Rome,Twitter search went down! Many of the anipals couldn't continue on our world tour! But for those of us stuck in Rome, we went on a wonderful moonlit drive in the Italian countryside and drank Chianti all nite long! @perrrythebirman filled his wonderful bucket with the stuff!We tooled around Italy for over six hours. @GD_Kenworth joined in about 2 in the morning for us West Coast anipals, and @frugaldougal joined us soon after. Search came back up about 3am, shortly after I'd taken a break to sleep. The anipals then continued on with the Weekendroadtrip, going to the Great Barrier Reef, and many other wonderful stops. I joined them again in Cornwall, and then we continued on the tour across the US, ending up on the beach in Malibu!

@CatnamedSinbad took
us to Hawaii

  This was the first and hopefully only pawpawty that lasted twenty eight hours! But a wonderful time once again was had by all our travelers! The noms, and tunes, and quizzes had only gotten even better, despite the overnighter in Rome! Our charity this time was very appropriate for Memorial Day ~ VetDogs, The Foundation for the Blind's service dogs for veterans.

@perrythebirman traveling on our #weekendroadtrip!

The June Pawpawty ~

 We started the summer by going Back to the Eighties! By now the DJs were well organized and @Frugaldougal had the quizzes and quizmasters well in paw! We had many wonderful noms and drinks and things for the young anipals as well! Many of us had gotten quite sophisticated with our pawty outfits by now and I just could not pass up using a Dolly Parton shot.

Our shelter charity was Angels for Animals, and we exceeded our target goal! The Sekurity Patrol with Capt. @SnicktheDog and @ShawneeShep was a great addition to the pawpawties.

The Back to the Eighties PawWall

The July Pawpawty ~

  Next we went on a Surfin' Safari. @JavatheCat, and @CatnamedSinbad supplied us with many wonderful and funny pics. @BadAndy_KityKat had us in tears with some of the funny stuff he did. The DJs and quizmasters headed by @FergustheDog and @frugaldougal respectively once again did a superb job! Our shelter donations went to D'arcy's ARC in Canada this time

We all hit the Beach in Style with the Beach Boys blaring in the background!

@hellahedgie brought his own flask, and @GodzillaofJapan threatened to eat surfers until Sekurity sent him to get @VampireKat instead. @Zackrabbit mooned everyone ! A couple of anipals got slightly injured wiping out in the big surf, but both @Apollo_Frenchie and @ConfuciusCat later reported as being OK.  Noms and drinks were perfect for a summer day! It was a wonderful summer beach pawty!

The August Pawpawties ~

The Black Kitty Pawty. Oh what a fun time this little pawty was! We all had to dress in black..the black cats had it made! @JavatheCat had a  fantastic menu for the pawty. I found a black dress to wear though...

  The now termed "official" pawpawty? What else could it be but Woodstock! Oh, everyone dressed as hippies! @PepiSmartDog came as Jimi Hendrix, there was tie-dye and beads everywhere! We will not admit to knowing what it was the cats were referring to as "Super Nip"...snicker...but there were once again wonderful noms and drinks from the JabaJazzBar , and by now we had full time barktenders to get us our choice of libations! Our shelter charity was TEARS. As should be expected we had all sorts of sixties and Woodstock tunes,and the anipals all enjoyed proving they were animals.... 

 @BadAndy_KityKat brought the hippy van, but the cats inside were all stoned and watched the beads on the windshield the whole twenty four hours. They may still be there!!  @LexiLou was the Dokumentasion Officer for our  Pawpawty Sekurity, and wrote  a wonderful report on the Happening! By now @GeorgetheDuck was our official pawtographer!

When the Moon is in the Seventh House,
and Jupiter aligns with Mars....

Then Peace will Guide the Planets, and Love will Steer the Stars...

The September pawpawties ~

We were all supposed to find women from the 50's and 60's that helped to shape the future for women, I chose Donna Reed!

  Chickfest! ~ you would have thought at this point there wasn't much we could do to make the pawpawties even more fun, they were fantastic as they were. Well, that was true, but @JavatheCat with the help of @jazzydacat and @MizzBassie, continuing what they had started at the August Black Kitty pawty, kicked it up a notch for us at the Chickfest.

  Java came up with a complete menu of noms and drinks, and scheduled the barktenders to match, and now the pawpawty goers have her and the others to thank for the wonderful pawty specific menus. The target for the shelter charity was exceeded and raised and met still again!

  While not actually a pawpawty, an amazing thing happened with the animals in September. On what was an early Friday morning for the US anipals, word came that @PepiSmartDog had suddenly left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Now, we have lost other anipals in the past, such as @Quadpawd's older brother @CatNamedOscar last May; every pawpawty starts with a tribute to the pals we have lost. But we had watched as Pepi had struggled for about a month with kidney problems. He was released from the vet's ICU as being on the road to recovery. I think he came home to say Good Bye to his mom, as he had a stroke within five minutes.

  What was so amazing though was the anipals reaction. There were plenty of tears, but @henryandfriends and many others helped organize a send off. Within hours all the anipals that could make it, were in a meadow at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge, celebrating Pepi's life. Those of us who could not join them were there in spirit! It was a wonderful way to say good bye to our friend.   
                                           See ya on the other side,super star!

  Down on the Farm was the theme for our "official" pawpawty, and everyone came as farmers or farm animals. For the next twenty four hours we hoe-downed, and spent a lot of time behind the barn...snicker... Java again served a wonderful farmer's spread ! We had some funny cat-faced calves and lambs! @BorisKitty had to prove his innocence to Sekurity on a cow-tipping charge! I just brought my tractor!

Everyone once again had a super time(even if there were Poo-guns!) and our shelter charity this time was SoiDogs in Thailand! We exceeded our goal and raised over $1300 for them!

The October Pawpawties ~

Howloween! Boy, did the anipals have fun with that! There were vampires, and bats, ghosts and goblins! I was the Headless Horseman...snicker...
Our Shelter charity was Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue. Once again, everything was super, from the noms and drinks our barktenders served us to the great DJs spinning tunes for twenty four hours to the great crew of quizmasters.There were quizzes every half hour with lots of wonderful pwises! and Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue got the best trick or treat of all! We exceeded our target goal of $1000 by double!  and then @Nutrish also contributed another $1000. Well done anipals!

Dudefest! Everything Dude! @brutusthedane, @HanktheDoggie, @thetrailerparkdogs, and @BrunotheDog with the help of several other Dudes put on a Festival of all things Dude ~ Bacon, Bacon Beer, Beans with Bacon, and every food known to dudes to cause burps and farts! Brutus drove a team of horses from the Dogmingo River with a load of hooch! We all helped him "lighten" the load!...snicker...A grand time was had by all who came. It was also the premiere of the Flicka da Cookie Cafe, @sadlovelyheart's and my new cookie stop. All the cookies had beer and bacon in them. The shelter charity was Harvest Hills and I'm sure they appreciate The Dudes!

The November pawpawty ~

The official November pawpawty was a very special one, our own @Hanseebundee and @poppy_dog's wedding! It was  a very fun weekend to pawty before the wedding.
Everyone got their formal outfits together early, and for the full week before you saw dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and stuffed teddies trying on formal wear! The pawpawty looked like the anipals had done this a thousand times before, and were quite the pawpawty planners!

  The Planner part is right! This is what almost a year of working out the little details looks like. The DJs keep the tunes moving with Fergus organizing, Dougal has the quizmasters on an amazing schedule of a quiz every half hour. Snick and Shawnee have Sekurity trained to handle any problems. Java and Bassie have the Barktenders shined and polished to serve incredible noms and drinks(very, very formal and fancy for a formal wedding after all!) CookieMan and I had fun once again with serving very fancy cookies and wedding favors

 Once again the pawpawty was a great success for all who came and all involved, and most of all for our shelter charity, Sunny Harbour Cat and Kitten Rescue in Scotland!

The December pawpawties! ~

❆❆ ¸.•*´¯) ¸.•*´¯)  (¯`*•.(¯`*•.¸ ❆❆

  The entire month of December was one Giant pawpawty! First at Thanksgiving(for us US folks!) Dougal,BabyPatches and YourDailyCute announced the start of the Santa Paws Drive! To help six shelters with toys and treats for their animals' Christmas, and with money to help the shelters operate thru the year. I lost track of how many toys and treats folks donated, but there was over $4000 donated for the shelters. One of the shelters was AWL in Queensland Australia. That is where @PepiSmartDog's mom had found him almost 9 years before! Pepi's outfit changes during the #pepipawty were just short of incredible!

The Christmas outfits the anipals wore in December were fantastic! Some were photoshop, and some were photos! All were so much fun to see!

 There were then several little minipawties with the @SantaPawsDrive crew and the help of the Furminator company and the Greenies corp among others.

Then ,the "official" pawpawty was The Howlidays.Once again, it was a great pawty and an incredible way to end our year!(Thanks to GeorgetheDuck and CheshireK I'm able to add that our charity was Catering to Cats and Dogs!)
 For those of us who have been involved from its humble beginnings, the pawpawties have taken on an almost unbelievable life of their own.

Thanks to the @trailerparkdogs for doing this wonderful PawWall

 And then there was @GeorgetheDuck and the Hotties #catmaseve pawty! What a great time we all had! The shelter charity was the Black Cat Rescue. Java again handled the tasty holiday noms and The Flicka da Cookie cafe was open for the night. @marshallsheldon was kind enough to help me hand out the cookies!

 Not only have so many been able to help shelter animals because of the pawpawties,but now the anipals are branching out to help shelter animals on their own. Many have blogs where they write about how they help with their own local shelters. Some now foster shelter animals, so they don't have to spend their lives in cages. Some sponsor animals at shelters, and some have helped rescue animals from kill shelters.


 Even a few anipals are brave enough to try their paws at making videos, like this one Frugaldougal made for us ~

    (and yeah, see we are STILL learning! I don't know why there are two!)


  All because one little dog and one little cat wanted to help others less fortunate than they were.

So Happy 2010 to all of us! An incredible group of friends, who have grown so much together during 2009. You will always have a special warm spot in my heart.

♥~•*☼♥♫~ ♥~•*☼♥♫~♥

And since the New Year is a time of remembering I'd like to leave you with this poem dedicated to all of our friends who went to the Rainbow Bridge this year, and their humans who had such a sad burden put on them.

✫ . ★ ゜ ゛ ✩ ː˚˛• ☆ ˙˚˛★ 。゜ ✫
The Last Battle
If it should be I grow frail and weak

And pain prevents my peaceful sleep.

Then you must do what must be done

When this last battle can’t be won.

You will be sad, I understand.

Selfishness might stay your hand.

But on this day, more than the rest,

Your love and friendship take the test.

We’ve had so many happy years

That what’s to come can hold no fears.

You’d not want me to suffer. So,

When the time comes, please let me go.

Take me where my needs they’ll tend.

Only — stay with me until the end.

Hold me firm and speak to me.

Until my eyes no longer see.

I know, in time, you, too, will see

It is a kindness that you do for me.

Although my tail its last has waved,

From pain and suffering I’ve been saved.

Do not grieve it should be you.

Who must decide this thing to do.

We’ve been so close, we two, these years……

Don’t let your heart hold any tears.

~~Author Unknown~~

A very special thanks to the anipals that lent me pics and links. I wish I could name all of you here, as so many have done so much for so many animals this past year. But I'm afraid this post may blow up Blogger! @MizzBassie helped me with proofreading, but any mistakes or mis-spellings are all my own. Please forgive me if I have mis-spelled anyone's name.

Happy New Years!
Love always, Dolly and family

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Update 11pm 12/10 ~ Wordless Wednesday on Thursday!

Meet Ming Shai!

(if you haven't had a chance to read the whole story start down on Dec 8th)

 Just received some pictures from @KittenRescue . She's a beautiful girl! And very curious too. This is her at the vet yesterday. The name they decided that fits her best (plus she answers to!) is Ming Shai. It's as pretty as she is!!

 Update 12/10 
 Our little old gal  went to the vet yesterday & everything so far looks really good! The vet said she appears to be abt 14 or 15,rather than 19.She was covered with fleas and matted,so she was groomed, de-flead ,and wormed.

 Turns out she has a funny gait,so they did an x-ray that showed at some point she might have been hit by a car.It showed a healed broken pelvis and femur.They don't cause her any pain at this point,but she does walk funny.

 She also had blood work & urinalysis done to see if she had any problem there. They came back as her being in generally good health,but may have the start of an urinary infection,so they are giving her meds for that.

  We hope to have pictures soon,so keep checking back,and we'll let you know how she's doing

~D,R,& F

  I just heard from @KittenRescue in Los Angeles that they are now in the process of springing the 19 year old Tonkenese Cat from the Carson Animal Control!!!(they've already pulled her picture from the site,or I'd show her to you!)

  Last Sunday nite @ersle RT'd a listing for this poor little old gal. When I saw it ,it broke my heart. Here's this little old cat that had apparently been dumped by her family(I don't know the circumstanses,but...)just before what could, under best of times, have been her last Christmas. I started ReTweeting & put up this tweet  ~
@flicka47: Calling So Cal peeps!Could anybody give 19 yr-old lady a place to live out rest of her life?
  Several of you RT'd it for me and we sent tweets out to @kittenRescue and @babypatches to see if their shelters could help.

  Then some folks volunteered to help pay to get her sprung.So as of 1:56 PST Dec 8th,she is now in the care of @KittenRescue & after a vet check will be going to a foster home.

  Thanks all that helped so that this little old lady will not have to spend Christmas in a cold cage.

 Merry Christmas to Caroline !
(now Ming Shai)

Update ~T'was the Night Before Christmas at the Animal Shelter from the #santapawty tonite

Dolly,Rosie & flicka

ps. as soon as I can get some pictures from @kittenRescue, I'll put them up.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Wow !
  What a great "little" papawty we just attended. The guest of Honor/Host was @PepiSmartDog and what a wonderful job he did! Along with @FrugalDougal and the @SantaPawsDrive anipals,Pepi's special charity for the pawty was the Animal Welfare League of Queensland.This is one of the SantaPawsDrive shelters and the one where Pepi's mom found him! What a great way to start the Christmas Holiday season!

  It was another fun time for the anipals;plenty of goodies to nom,great music by the DJs and lots of quizzes to play and super pwises to win. Everybody got to visit with old friends and meet new anipals. Best of all once again we got to help the animals waiting in shelters for their forever homes.The target for Pepi's shelter was exceeded and the SantaPawsDrive is now over a third of the way to their target!

 I hope that if you have never attended a pawpawty before that you will join us for the next one! I guarantee that you will have a wonderful time.

Pepi,our furiend!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poppy Dog and Hansee Bundee's Wedding

  Wow! What a wonderful pawpawty we just had! Everybody dressed up so beautifully (or handsomely,if you fellows prefer!) I bet sekurity was pleasantly surprised to find  almost no work!(well,except for Raven's wardrobe malfunction!)

  Evervybody talked and danced and ate and drank and pawtied for twenty-four hours in celebration of Poppy and Hans wedding. JavatheCat's wonderful catering for the wedding and Cookie Man's and my Flicka da Cookie Cafe served tons of elegant wedding fare,as well as helping to gather donations for Sunny Harbour. I wonder just how much Pink Champagne got consumed ?....snicker...

  The DJs are the best, the quizzes are so much fun, and the pwises are super! I hope all of you had as much fun as I did!

  Everyone started to gather early for the big moment,and plenty of hankies and spirits were passed around! It was a very merry occasion,and all were proud to attend! Everybody was thrilled when Frugal Dougal and Poppy came down the aisle, SirBarley and Hans waiting there!!

And,The Wedding!
This photo says it all!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Just Can't DECIDE ! Help please!!

Decisions,decisions, decisions!

I just can't decide which dress I want to wear to the pawpawty ! So, I'm going to ask all you fine folks to help.Here's the dresses,the poll is over there to the right.

  Here's the red dress

Here's the Green

Or this pink one ?

Which do you think I should wear this weekend?

Thanks, Dolly

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Turn, Finally! And I got lots of Pwises! I am the Luckiest Dog on Earth,and so Thankful to know all of you!

  Flicka and the Cookie man were so busy last week with the Flicka da Cookie Cafe that she didn't leave me any time to blog! Which wasn't too bad a thing since Ginger and I spent the time playing!

  Bruno,Hank and Brutus did a great job on #dudefest and a really fun time was had by all I'm sure.There was lots of good noms(TootyBrutie,anyone?) and BACON BEER! Everybody enjoyed that! Bruno drove a team of horses to the Dogmingo River with a load of hooch,bacon and regular. Everybody joined in to help him lighten the load! Lots of folks enjoyed having a cookie at the Flicka da Cookie Cafe! BuzzLucas and JavadaCat  did a great moonwalk to BillyJean blipped by LouPeb,and then BigBoyBosco did a Chippendale's dance on the bar to finish his hour barktending! Heard he's still missing pieces of clothing...snicker....Very exciting! Then the Poo-guns came out!...snicker...And their charity is getting a really nice surprise!

  Speaking of surprises! I got pawpawty pwises today from @frugaldougal!! So cool! I think I'm gonna have to share with the cats though,that fur looks suspiciously like it belongs on a cat toy! HA! there's a ball attached,it's mine!! AND I got Cookies from LuckyDogTreats !!(Those are all for me & Ginger ! Hurray!!)As soon as I can get my mom up off her lazy butt,we'll have some pics here...........I'm waiting mom!!......


Come on Ginger! Mom says I can't have them til you get here!

OH! I just can't wait for her! That alligator chew has MY name on it!!

Yummy! Harrigan's Pub Liver Pretzels!!

Thanks again Dougal And LuckyDogTreat !

  And THEN I got the most PAWSOME pwise from!

  I won their October blog contest,and it's a really fun Hide A Toy Pumpkin! The pumpkin toy comes with two bones hiding inside! There's one for me,I'm the Treat!And one for Ginger,she's the Trick...snicker...,and a ghost!! AND more dog treats,some cookies and muttserella chews! OH, I am SO loving life!! MORE pictures ,mom...come on,I'm waiting....again!


They're making me wait...again! Come on over here Ginger.Yummy treats, I have dibs on the Muttserella!!!

This is what the toys look like, now that we've eaten the treats!...snicker...

  You are all coming to the twedding next weekend, right? Come celebrate with Poppy and Hansee, play some quizzes.There's close to FIFTY quizzes,everyone can win!!Yea! Win some great pwises like I did!!(and, I have it on good authority that there is going to be two Furminators as pwises this time,as well as some other really GREAT ones!!) Enjoy the tunes, and the noms. All for a wonderful cause. I guarantee you will all have a wonderful time!


Oh,P.S. Up top there you can find the links for both the @SantapawsDrive and Sunny Harbours.Let's help shelter animals have a great Holiday time! D

One more P.S....Thanks @GeorgeTheDuck, @Sanjee, all the Mostly Black Cats and their Typist for the graphics in my header!! D

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wow! I am honored to have such wonderful furiends!

Wow! This must be my Caturday!

  First,@RomeotheCat was kind enough to mention me and NCHS on his blog ,in his Shelter Appreciation Week series! Thanks Romeo! Remember folks we can all help in little ways,and our local shelters can use the help,so go help yours!

  And then I got an award from @Rumblepurr and @Inigoflufflebottom!

Thanks guys! @GeorgetheDuck and I are now honorary cats!

  Now the deal with this award is that when you get it,you have to tell 10 truthful things that others don't know about you and then pass it on to seven other furiends to do the same...

  Well, I don't know that there ARE ten things folks don't know about me, cause I talk all the time...



  ...OK,I'm thinking!...


  OK,OK,here ya go!

 1) My favorite game to play with my family is Keep Away!...snicker..I grab somebodies shoe and then run all over the house with it! The more they try to get it from me the faster I run! This technique is especially effective on Little Girl! My mom not so much,so I make sure to pull her shoe laces really tight so when she gets her shoe back she has to redo them or change her shoesize by at least one size!...snicker...

 2) We all have nicknames ~ Luna has earned the moniker of "The LunaTick" cause she is such a funny kitten! Rosie often gets called Ro-Ro, but I don't think it's because she's a little dinghy! Molly gets called Da Mol,but she is much too elegant to be a mobster's gal,and sometimes Mau-Mau,I hope that's just for the sound cats make and not because she's about to attack me!

 Ginger sometimes gets called Gin,because she is quite a genie when it comes to getting in and out of tiny spaces for such a big dog! But Flicka's is Houdini since she can get under and through spaces no other horse would even try, even little dogs can't get through some of them!

  3) Molly's favorite treat is Kitty Kaviar,Ginger's is anything she can eat!...snicker...mine is Ritz Crackers! This is another fun item to play Keep Away with! I steal the package away from Little Girl and then make her chase me all over the house to get them back! I usually get to keep the crackers when we're done as Little Girl says I've drooled on them...plan works perfect!

  4) Mom says Rosie and Vulture have the same birthday! I don't know that that is exactly the truth,but mom was there when Vulture hatched! She says that she didn't realize a bird could be so tiny,even just coming out of it's egg! (a little Cockatiel egg is only about 3/4 of an inch long!) We got Rosie when she was about eight weeks old,and that is how old Vulture was then,so they could have the same birthday!

  5) Vulture got her name because Snowflake and Princess, her parents tried too hard to keep her clean when she was little! She was the only egg that hatched so they kept cleaning the pinfeathers on her head til she was bald! Mom moved her to her own cage and hand fed her til she learned to eat her babyfood out of the bowl by herself. Rosie ate out of the bowl with her! They are still good friends.

  6) My registered name is for my dad, Jacob, who is Pt.Loma's Magic Mirror and that mom says the first picture she saw of me looked like I was sprinkled in gold dust! So I'm Magic Gold Dust!

  7) My real name Dolly comes from the movie "Hello Dolly" cause mom says I act just like that character! My breeder had wanted me to be called Melanie after the lady in "Gone With The Wind", she had named all the pups for that movie, but mom said I could never be that gentle! Either way I guess I'm a movie star...snicker...

  8) I like to swim! But not nearly as much as Ginger. When we go to the lake I swim a bit with mom, and then sun bathe on the boat. Ginger on the other hand is a swimming fool! Mom takes a 25' lunge line for a leash for her...she swims out as far as she can go and then swims back to the boat over and over and over and over and over...til she finally swims ashore and collapses on the beach. Five minutes later, there she goes again! All. Day. Long.

  9) My favorite toys include a pheasant and a raccoon,but my most favorite is a little formerly stuffed monkey that Ginger and I play tug-o-war with(she lets me win sometimes too!) Mom would never dare get rid of that monkey! I also like to get the cats' duckies and play Keep Away from the cats...snicker...

  10) Last but not least, our favorite place to be in the evenings is as close to mom as we can get! Ginger lays on her feet,I wrap myself around her heels.She doesn't dare move! Molly sits on the back of her chair,Rosie on her shoulder,and Luna when she is not helping mom type is in her lap! We make very sure she has a great time talking on twitter or playing Bejeweled on facebook!...snicker...

  OK ,seven furiends ~

 1) BorisKity He's out to save the world one kitteh at a time and a wonderful guy to know!

 2)Baby Patches Now I bet BP has been given this award many times,but maybe she has a few secrets left she can tell us,she is a cat after all !

 3)Brutus the Dane Fearless Leader along with @HanktheDoggy for #Dudefest who loves to give his opinion and drink Bacon Beer!

 4)Lou of @LouPeb he has written some really fun stuff at his blog and probably has gotten this award many times,but I bet he still has more fun stuff to tell us!

 5)Rocky of @RockumSockum. I think we might have to wait a day or two for Rocky's list 'cause he's still sick. But I bet his list will be interesting!

 6)Lainey Well,Lainey doesn't really have a blog,but I bet we all want to know about her cookies! So maybe she'll tell us at her site!

 7) BadAndy ! Yeah,BadAndy doesn't have a blog yet...Why not Andy??? He would be the funniest anipal blogger of all! If this little dog can do it anybody can...So we want to hear your 10 things we don't know about you. Do it! (Please?)

  Well that's it for today! I am so honored to be thought of by my furiends! hope you liked my list!


 UPDATE ~ Lainey does have a blog,her secretary just hasn't fixed the link yet to her other site! Lainey's blog ,that she's stealing from her mom too! ...snicker...