Monday, October 26, 2009

A short review of one of my favorite subjects ~Cats!

 Hai everybody! This is Rosie.

 Dolly's out playing in the yard,so I thought I'd tell you about a book I just read.It got even more interesting as I went looking for stuff on the interwebs to include about the book.

 Oh,first off,the book I read was "Dewey,The Small-Town Library Cat". I went looking for his picture,so you could see what a handsome guy he was.

  Then I found something really interesting.Turns out there are hundreds of library cats all over the United States and the world! Very cool,isn't it. See lots of hoomins know how special we cats are! I found a map to where some of them are,if you want to see, Library Cats . Maybe I will try to get my mom to go interview some of these real smart Library Cats and we can hear about their lives! I'll make the questions easy,cause you know how confused these hoomins get! But if you can think of a question you would like to ask a library cat,please put it in the comments,and I'll make sure mom remembers to ask!

  Anyway, about Dewey Readmore Books, that was Dewey's full name. He started his life as a library cat as a little kitten abandoned one night in the library drop box in Spencer,Iowa. It is amazing that he survived that night! It was so cold that he actually got frostbite on his little toes! But he did survive,and his Library family loved him for 19 years!He was a very personable cat and visited with all of the library's patrons, even folks that didn't normally make time to visit their town library found themselves coming by to visit with Dewey.

  People came from all over the country to visit Dewey.He even had visitors from London and Toyko!

  He had very regular schedule everyday that he didn't liked varied! First he always met his staff with a wave at the front door in the morning.They would have to get him his breakfast and make sure his litter box was cleaned. Then just as the library was about to open he would go to the front door and greet the early morning library visitors.After this important duty, he would find a book cart,or a spot on the checkout desk,or a box to take his first nap of the day.

  He loved to eat every rubber band he could find,which helped keep the library clean,since everyone had to make sure he couldn't reach any rubber bands.He helped keep the tops of all the bookcases clean by dusting them himself! He even found time to explore the lights hanging from the ceiling to make sure they were all working and there was adequate light to read by. And he loved playing with his toys and people. 

  Here's a little video I found about Dewey

  As you can see Dewey was in charge of his library!(I bet the other library cats are too!)Dewey has more than 15 videos at YouTube! His book made #1 on the New York Best Sellers list,whatever that is. Maybe your hoomin would know. But I just enjoyed reading about a cat with such an important job! They are even talking about making Dewey's book into a movie,with a lady named Meryl Streep as the Librarian. Maybe BadAndy could play Dewey!

  His book was a very good read in telling about his life, the library, and the town in which his presence made special all who knew him. It also showed how important our presence as cats in our hoomins lives really is! Because us cats help our staff to understand that by returning our love,not only is their life better,but so is the world!

 Well,that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my review of Dewey's book as much as I enjoyed telling you about it.And remember ~

Every life should have nine cats!


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  1. This was such a great read! We loved learning about Dewey, thank you fur sharing purrrrrs.....