Monday, October 26, 2009

A short review of one of my favorite subjects ~Cats!

 Hai everybody! This is Rosie.

 Dolly's out playing in the yard,so I thought I'd tell you about a book I just read.It got even more interesting as I went looking for stuff on the interwebs to include about the book.

 Oh,first off,the book I read was "Dewey,The Small-Town Library Cat". I went looking for his picture,so you could see what a handsome guy he was.

  Then I found something really interesting.Turns out there are hundreds of library cats all over the United States and the world! Very cool,isn't it. See lots of hoomins know how special we cats are! I found a map to where some of them are,if you want to see, Library Cats . Maybe I will try to get my mom to go interview some of these real smart Library Cats and we can hear about their lives! I'll make the questions easy,cause you know how confused these hoomins get! But if you can think of a question you would like to ask a library cat,please put it in the comments,and I'll make sure mom remembers to ask!

  Anyway, about Dewey Readmore Books, that was Dewey's full name. He started his life as a library cat as a little kitten abandoned one night in the library drop box in Spencer,Iowa. It is amazing that he survived that night! It was so cold that he actually got frostbite on his little toes! But he did survive,and his Library family loved him for 19 years!He was a very personable cat and visited with all of the library's patrons, even folks that didn't normally make time to visit their town library found themselves coming by to visit with Dewey.

  People came from all over the country to visit Dewey.He even had visitors from London and Toyko!

  He had very regular schedule everyday that he didn't liked varied! First he always met his staff with a wave at the front door in the morning.They would have to get him his breakfast and make sure his litter box was cleaned. Then just as the library was about to open he would go to the front door and greet the early morning library visitors.After this important duty, he would find a book cart,or a spot on the checkout desk,or a box to take his first nap of the day.

  He loved to eat every rubber band he could find,which helped keep the library clean,since everyone had to make sure he couldn't reach any rubber bands.He helped keep the tops of all the bookcases clean by dusting them himself! He even found time to explore the lights hanging from the ceiling to make sure they were all working and there was adequate light to read by. And he loved playing with his toys and people. 

  Here's a little video I found about Dewey

  As you can see Dewey was in charge of his library!(I bet the other library cats are too!)Dewey has more than 15 videos at YouTube! His book made #1 on the New York Best Sellers list,whatever that is. Maybe your hoomin would know. But I just enjoyed reading about a cat with such an important job! They are even talking about making Dewey's book into a movie,with a lady named Meryl Streep as the Librarian. Maybe BadAndy could play Dewey!

  His book was a very good read in telling about his life, the library, and the town in which his presence made special all who knew him. It also showed how important our presence as cats in our hoomins lives really is! Because us cats help our staff to understand that by returning our love,not only is their life better,but so is the world!

 Well,that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my review of Dewey's book as much as I enjoyed telling you about it.And remember ~

Every life should have nine cats!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us."

Happy Howloween !

 Thought it might be fun to show some of the cute Howloween graphics I've been seeing the last few days.After all, I had to find the perfect costume for me right? So I have crawled all over the web,so you don't have to...snicker...

 First is this cute little kitten ~

 Well,actually I meant this kitten!

Oh course I can't forget all those
"Long-legged Beasties!"

Hey! I think I've seen these ones before!

I can't forget to include some ghosts,witches, and vampires!

And then there's all the cute animated ones!
Ok,so he isn't THAT cute!

Howl about an animated Jack-o-Lantern Conga line?


And then there was this little number
Looks like he
was left over
from School House Rock!

  This however is the scariest beastie of all!


Friday, October 9, 2009

#FollowFriday Furpower

  #FollowFriday on Twitter has been very difficult for me to do for quite some time.There are so many wonderful anipals and people that it has almost become impossible to mention them all.There are some very special ones however that I would like to mention this first Friday of my blog.(and I bet I will miss some still! There are so many great anipals.)

  All of these anipals are helping to support one or more animal shelters.They know that their lives are special because someone loves and cares for them & they want to help care for those that have no one. They have worked hard on all of the monthly pawpawties,so that not only would all the anipals have a fun time,but so that we could all help the abandoned,homeless animals that have so much love to give to someone that would adopt them and love them back.

  So,here's my list of some of the biggest-hearted anipals of all~

  • Romeo and Pugsley ~ Where would we be without them & their mom who helped start the Pawpawties for us,who help a special shelter every month. This month it is Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue
  • FrugalDougal ~ Dougal and his mom have done so much to make the pawpawties go so well.Before,during and after they have made it look easy.They do all the hard work so we can have fun! Go say thanks to them at Dougal's blog and find out about our next pawpawty!
  • JavatheCat ~ This special cat is the reason we can pawty so hardy! From the wonderful menu of pawty specific noms to the schedules for the Barktenders and DJs to the Quizmasters and pwise donations,Java has helped to keep it all together!And she has helped many an anipal with their costume!
  • ShawneeShep and SnicktheDog  ~ These two have charge of Sekurity at the pawpawties.We all love to creat silly situations for them to "patrol", but their job has a serious side at the pawties also. They keep the spammers and Britney bots out!
  • FergustheDog ~ Fergus helps to get all of the DJs lined up for every pawpawty.
  • MizzBassie and JazzydaCat ~You can always count on these two to be in there helping Java to make the pawty fun! For chickfest their charity was Animal Aid
   And then there are the anipals that not only join in to make the pawpawties a big success,they help one of their local shelters make life easier for the animals that have yet to get their forever home.

  • BrewskieButt and BZTAT ~ It would be a sadder world without Brews and his mom,they bring us all such joy on Twitter.And we all love to see what special art project Brew's mom has going now! Their special charity is the Friends of the Pound in Stark County,Ohio
  • BorisKitty ~ Boris is a very special anipal,he even went so far as to wear a T-shirt for his charity! I think he much preferred the scarf he got for joining in the walk for the Berks County Shelter...snicker...
  • SylvieDog and MugsyDog ~ these two helped on a moments notice to organize a donation drive for the Santa Barbara Humane Society when Santa Barbara was experiencing a major fire that displaced hundreds of animals from their homes,including one of our own anipals! Because of Sylvie and Mugsy it was a little easier for those animals Oh,and I can't forget to mention how Sylvie and her mom put together the Real Pawpawty site to help us keep out the spammers before the days of our Sekurity Patrol! Oh,and COOKIES!!
    which then brings us to our favorite cookie chef!!
  • Laineyspawtique and Health4UandPets ~ These fine folks donate a portion of every one of their sales to the Morris Animal Foundation to help pay for research to find a cure for cancer in dogs and cats.They also donate pwises to every pawpawty like every one of the anipals on this special list!
  • MishaKidd ~ Misha and his mom thru the New Zealand's Next Top Cat Model contest have brought a lot of notice to helping animal shelters. Misha's special charity is Lonely Miaow and the New Zealand Humane Society and with his Catwalk Caturday contest he helped raise over a $1000 for them.
  • KittenRescue ~ This Los Angeles Shelter was one of the first pawpawty charities! They care for over 250 cats and kittens!They are also a great bunch of anipals.
  • GD_Kenworth and SamsonKatt  ~ These two are some very special friends of mine! Ken and his mom PJ helped me organized and find tour directors for our weekendroadtrip pawpawty! It was incredibly pawsome to work with them and all the wonderful anipals that volunteered to take us places around the world.Ken is a Service Dog and in honor of the US Memorial Day Weekend when the pawpawty was held we chose VetDogs as our charity.

  Well as you can see this is an incredible list of wonderful anipals!And I am sure I have left out many that are just as wonderful and belong on this list! Every one of them has a heart of gold and I am so proud to be able to call them my friends!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little About My Family

Hi Ya! I'm still learning about this bloggy thing,so I though I would tell you a little about my family while I practice! At first I thought mom had said froggy,now a froggy I know what to do with!Then I read the story mom let Rosie write,and I thought Hey! I can do this! It will be great fun!! So,here we go! I hope you like it!

This is the pasture where Flicka and Strawberry live.
They are both BLM Mustangs.Flicka was born some place near Susanville,Calif. in late July of 1986. Mom got her in January of 1987.So mom picked the 4th of July for her birthday,  because that seemed very appropriate for an American Mustang.
She's a grumpy old lady now at 23. Strawberry is actually my little girl's horse,she's the Strawberry Roan! We got her on Valentine's Day 2001,she's 15. 
Oh,yeah, this is why my mom's family calls our place  
 Rainbow Ranch. 

Every year during the spring rains we get lots of rainbows.Mom says that this one was a complete double,whatever that is.But she couldn't back up enough to get it all in.Here's another one that almost fit!I can see them out my living room window,but mom won't let me out to play in the mud !

This is Flicka in the snow!  
She's appropriately bundled up for a Central California horse,even if she is a Mustang!

My dad titled this picture "Horse Corral Repair 1000",but I can't seem to find the other 999 pictures anywhere! Mom was very happy with him making this for Flicka and Strawberry.

 This is me on the very first day at my home!(Yea,Me!!)My mom and Little Girl went to Lompoc to pick me up.I was actually born in Ramona,but the breeder was going to be at a Dog Show,so I met my mom there for the very first time. I was so excited to meet her! I was so little I could walk under Ginger's belly!
                               This was how Ginger met Little Girl.                  Grandpa thought a little girl needed a big dog! I'm so glad he did,because she's my bestest friend!

           This is Ginger's baby picture!
          Another picture of Ginger as a puppy.                            

    Here she is helping mom plant stuff!...snicker....

       And this is why mom won't let me play in the mud!(Ginger thought she was helping mom plant roses...snicker...)

Well,that's it for now. I will tell you about the other animals in the family another time! I hope you enjoyed my telling you about Flicka,Strawberry and Ginger! Hopefully I didn't embarass Ginger too much!...snicker...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Three Large Policemen Scared Silly by One Little Cat

Didn't think I would be back here so soon to write another post and you might think from the title it would be a funny one.But it's not,and I'm not snickering at all. In fact,I'm a little angry and disgusted with the hoomins right now.This is not a very pretty post,but needs to be said.(I promise next post we will have something good to snicker about!)

My friend MaddyBassett tweeted this earlier this evening~

HOWL OUT FOR Tobey the cat who was shot and killed by Raymore police

You can read about it here

It seems three presumably adult policemen in Raymore,MO thought a 6 lb,19 year old, deaf,and declawed cat was such a threat to their safety that they had to box it up and take it to a field and execute it.

Let's see three average adult males weighing approximately 180 lbs each vs. a 6 lb family pet with no claws & no way to defend it's self against these horrible hoomins!

What's wrong with this picture? Aren't policemen and firemen supposed to rescue cats out of trees,not haul them off and shoot them,not once but twice to be sure they had finished the poor cat off? And then to lie about it? How can anyone even try to justify what these terrible hoomins have done? Would you really trust these hoomins to do their job and protect you?

I sure wouldn't! And I am very angry that hoomins can allow other hoomins like these to harm an innocent animal! and I am HOWLING FOR TOBY!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well,I knew it would come to this!

Hi Ya everyone! I am so glad you could stop by.

This is my first post,as I allowed Rosie to do the first one for Articulate Animals a part of the National Gallery of Writing!

I think she had fun doing it,but it meant we had to have a "home" to post it...So mom let me go ahead and use her blogger account!(She was never going to use it anyway,so it is just as well that I get to use it!)So as soon as I can figure out all the different things here like posting pictures & backgrounds,I will try to write a little something every week or so.

"Now,I'm just a Dog,Jim..." as my friend @pcam pointed out the other nite on Twitter,so don't expect Steinbeck here...snicker...But I hope we all can have some fun with it.
I may even let Rosie do another guest post!


A Day in My Life

Rosie,the Shoulder Cat

Hai! I can believe my luck! I never get a chance to use the puter.

Oh, I’m Rosie, the shoulder cat. Usually I have to watch my mom read political blogs or my sister Dolly the Cocker doing her thing at Twitter (she’s very social!). But today I am going to tell you all about my exciting life. What you don’t think an indoor cat can have an exciting life?

OK, so it’s not always exciting, but I do have lots of fun, and get to snark at what‘s going on! I get to read all the news & blogs while sitting on my mom’s shoulder at the puter. Boy, are you humans dumb! There isn’t enough intelligence put into what you call “news” to warrant the wasted pixels! Don’t any of you know how to write something that gives fact instead of opinion about events? Humans are just not that important that their opinion should be news. Try coming up with a better grade of catnip, then we can talk important!

My exciting day begins about 6am. That’s when my little sister Luna the Bengal and I start out with our morning zoomies to get the fur flying and the blood flowing. Nah, we don’t have a fight! We just run all around the house sounding like a mini elephant to make sure everyone is up and paying attention to us! Molly, my older sister is usually too dignified to join us, but I can tell she secretly would like to, and she some times does. If she hasn’t opened a cupboard & taken out something to play with that is.

Molly can find the coolest things to play with! One time she got us a spool of thread out of the drawer. Oh, that was such fun! We played soccer with it all day. I can’t understand why mom was muttering under her breathe when she picked up all the thread that evening when she got home. Humans! They are so dull.

After our morning exercise we get our first breakfast. Yum! We play with mom here too. She puts mine & Molly’s food in our dishes, and then puts Luna’s kitten food in her dish. Mom can’t figure why we go eat Luna’s first, while Luna eats ours. We will never tell!

Then it is time for our first nap of the day. I always go sleep on mom’s pillow for this most important nap, mostly because she needs to have some of my hair there too. Molly says cause she’s the oldest she gets to sleep with mom all night. But I know that she wouldn’t sleep well if my hair wasn’t there too. Luna contributes to mom’s well being also by making sure to get into the bed every night, and biting mom’s fingers around 3 am. That and an ungraceful leap from the headboard on to mom to make sure she’s asleep!

Oh, I call Luna my little sister cause she’s younger. But at five months, she’s already bigger than Molly and I. And a klutz! Maybe she should take up ballet or something. Or maybe not. She went to jump into the bathtub the other day and missed. Bam! There she was hanging like a cartoon kitty! MOL,MOL,MOL! I hope she grows into her big feet here soon.

Of course this works well after our first nap, when I chase her up our cat tree. I get all the way to the top and when she tries to follows, I push her off! Great fun!

So, mom refills our food dishes before she goes to work and we play the switcharoo on her again. She falls for it every time! (We eat our own food when she’s gone, but she’ll never know!) Then she has to check on the little blue fish in the bowl, cause we think that water tastes better than what is in our bowls. Poor guy! He’s gotten pretty close to having to learn to walk to the next watering hole thanks to us! Fish make good toys too when they wiggle on the floor!

Then it is time to investigate the drawers again and see what we can pull out to play with .We have our own toys, some of which I’m very fond, but it is so much fun to see what might be new in the drawers. Molly takes her third nap in the one in the kitchen that mom now leaves empty for her. The spoilsport! What good is a drawer that you can’t pull something out of?

Luna and I then look for a good box to play with. We have one now that is three-sided, so we can zoom through it like it was a tunnel. One of us waits on one end while the other zooms through and attacks the other one. I always act surprised when Luna does this. I mean, she’s a kid and everything so I have to play along after all!

The best part of my day however is when mom gets home. That means our targets for the evening are allowed in. The dogs! Dolly plays pretty good for a dog; she can’t climb the cat tree of course, but enjoys romping with us. She doesn’t quite get the stealth attack, but is a good sport about it.

Ginger, on the other hand, never knows what hit her! I love beating up on her! MOL! Big ol monster just lets me have at her…I love my dogs!

Another nap and then it is time for dinner. Where once again, with Molly leading the charge we pretend that the food in the dish now is just not good enough and want fresh. Miaow! Refills all around and once again we switch bowls, got to keep her guessing after all.

Now it is the best time of my day! I get to sit on mom’s shoulder while she reads her blogs, and Dolly gets to talk with all of her friends on Twitter. Those anipals sure do gets to have a lot of fun! They have lots of Pawpawties where they help raise money for animal shelters. So the homeless kitties and doggies have food and toys. Mom says it is good that Dolly likes to help. I like the noms and tunes, but Dolly likes the Barkaritas!

So there you have it, my exciting day. I told you it was fun, now you know that I was right!