Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well,you aren't going to see many posts like this one.

Good Riddance,or
What I know about the nasty small minded FUDGE ~

  Many of you think you know this character "Sir" Fudge, well I've known him much longer than just about any of you. Oh, I know you think he's very droll, and so "intelligent". Well, I would hope a University student would have access to at the very least a proper Thesaurus and a grammar book. I've heard they do have such things as books in Australia after all, and not everyone is related to Crocodile Dundee, or a convict. 

 JazzydaCat told you the truth ~

 That's why he deleted her comment about what he's done over on his blog and at twitter...that is also why this reply to his smallness is here on Dolly's blog. He can't delete anything on THIS blog!!

 HE makes you laugh you say. How is that again? Oh, he thinks it is so funny to insult people, and you laugh at his crassness? And when he turns it on you, you apologize to him?

 What is wrong with you people? What kind of bootlickers are you anyway?

 Three weeks ago I told him I would no longer comment on anything he had to say. This was after a 20 DM diatribe from him amounting to "You are not my mom!","I can say anything I want", "You always try to hurt me!",and "Don't tell me what to say". He thinks that he deleted a part of them that day, but my phone has it's own memory(and with a 2MB memory I'm too lazy to erase anything) All because I had tweeted to him that he didn't have to be mean about the folks that want so badly to "believe" in pawcircles; that his Elmer Gantry schtick was very hurtful to many, and all he really had to do was ignore it in its entirety. I have had no communications with him since Jan 8th. He was still following me at 7pm PSTon the 25th, since his tweets were showing in my TD All Friends column during BabyPatches pawty. By 8pm, he was blocking people he didnt even know...

 I personally do not do pawcircles, because by the tenets of my religion they border on sacrilege. I will say a prayer for those in need. But I do not, will not demean, insult, or in any way attempt to hurt the feelings of those who do.That would be a bigger sin than the pawcircles themselves for me. The pawcircles do no harm, and comfort many people. Do no harm is a much better way to live than demeaning what you do not understand, or personally do not believe in. That it is much kinder to never say anything about someone that you wouldn't want being said about you...

  Fudge thinks, I can only assume, that this means I wouldn't publicly point out where he is wrong. He'd be wrong. There is a difference between not demeaning someone's harmless behavior, and pointing out deliberate nastiness towards others.

  Fudge quite obviously swings the other way. Sometimes it seems he's the mean class clown in elementary school. Where if you don't like his picking on his latest target, you can soon become the target. You folks all somehow think this is a "hip" thing to do? What? You're all in elementary school too? You somehow gain prestige by being his nasty little cheering gallery?

  Sorry, you don't.

 Maybe it's the "cute" name calling. In the past couple of months that seems to be all YoungMrFudge is capable of, and you little acolytes seem to lap it up like the drugs he's taking.

 A quick translation from the Fudge
    Lovely = Bullshit
    friend = someone he can get away with demeaning, as opposed to ~
    wanker = someone he can't

  Apparently DeusExMachina had decided that he'll make someone who had never spoken a bad word about him a special target for attack. Well folks,

  PepiSmartDog knows the truth about Fudge. He still doesn't say anything nasty about this completely amoral cat.

  Many of you are under the mistaken impression that Fudge didn't care about follow numbers.You'd be wrong again. Apparently you failed to notice the number of people he was following, not just his folllower numbers. But, he couldn't quite catch Pepi or myself. So he would follow our followers, until they followed an "anipal" back. I can not even begin to give you the number of folks that asked me if they should follow him. I always told them yes, as long as they knew not to get drawn into his games, and they thought they could deal with his moody nastiness.

  I always follow everyone, unless they're a spammer, whitening someone's teeth, or a bot(well, I have even followed some bots because they were funny!).There have been very few exceptions to this rule. The reason I do so is that so many folks when I had no followers to speak of followed me. Many of you do not do this, and limit your follows to only anipals that you have already spoken with, or can find out about from others you do know.

  This is probably not such a bad plan, as I can not possibly speak with almost 5,000 folks in a month, let alone daily. But they all have a space in a column on tweetdeck. I will speak with anyone who is not consistantly rude or nasty. Well, I'd probably rule out mass murderers. And I only block porno sites. I have never blocked a follower. I might unfollow, but I do not block. Many have blocked me, but that has just made it easier for me to ignore their smallness.

  Fudge on the other hand had a little over 4000 folks he followed on his last account, and while I can't speak for Pepi, I know I'd get weekly inquiries from my followers if they should follow Fudge. Up to and including Marshallsheldon, whom Fudge had no good reason to follow, except he was one of my followers.They have nothing in common, and Marshall limits his follows like many of you do. But because he was on my follow list, Marshall followed back.I doubt very much they tweeted each other as many as a half a dozen times.... 

  It isn't "Republicans, Conservatives or Christians" that have done him wrong, as they have done nothing to him. If you truly think that, then maybe you do belong in his sycophant crowd as you show yourself to be a simpleton, or at the very least someone who has never given up bigotry like his yourself...

  Perrythebirman knows the truth about this foul-mouthed character. Perry was smart enough not to let the little whiner back into his timeline after Perry tried so hard to smooth hurt feelings after Fudge's first major explosion. I on the other hand felt sorry for the stupid child, watching him go through four different accounts in less than a month. A couple of which I was the only one he followed, or spoke with, or DMd about 10 times a day.

  Then in July he disappeared completely for most of the month. When he came back,I'd see tweets to others, but he didn't send a follow request, so I forgot about him. I figured he was getting on with his life, and just wanted to start with a blank slate. All I could think was "Good Luck" kid, hope life treats you fair!

 Then shortly after Pepi died, I realized that he had followed me.(Or,I should say followed me under the account of SirFudgeEsq, as he had followed me under thecrazygoat acct, which was an acct where he never spoke with anyone, just sent out demeaning DMs and quizzes about celebrities he didn't like(oh,yeah, it was him, I could tell by his phrasings, and the fact that he was demeaning folks other anipals were mentioning they liked at the very same times!)).

 I didn't speak with him after he followed me on the SFE acct, figuring he'd speak with me when, and if, he wanted to. I laughed at some of his silliness, like I would with any of you who posted funnies. I shook my head over his story-telling about who and where he was. But never commented on it. Twitter for the anipals in particular is Fantasyland, where we get to be who we say we are, not who we necessarily are in reality. It's generally good fun!

 So it was after Thanksgiving in late November before he decided to speak with me. He was his usual charming, nasty, demeaning self. For some reason, he felt I should be afraid of such a cyber bully as he. I tried to set the delusional child straight. While I always attempt to treat folks with kindness and respect, I eat real bullies for dessert.(Would you like to see the assault and arrest convictions I have on Law Enforcement personel that thought otherwise?)

 Anyway, we tweeted about a dozen times before I told him in January that I would no longer comment on any thing he had to say. And, after this post, I will have nothing more to do, or say or comment about such a petty creature. I am shaking his dust off my feet. Anyone who asks me about him will be given the link to this post. So, if you reincarnate yourself again Fudge, send me the link, and I'll make you the exception and block you right off!

  This isn't about Fudge, he's truly a small ,sad, miserable misanthrope. I do feel very sorry for him, and that he thinks hurting people makes him more important somehow. I wish he felt more important in his own right. But...

 It's about the rest of you. Follow him if you want, when he opens his new account, and he will. But just remember he lies constantly and consistantly; demeans good folks that have never done anything in any way to hurt him, in fact, he singles out folks that have gone out of their way to help the ungrateful cur. He truly has no redeeming spark of goodness about him. He has willfully stomped that tiny spark into extinction.

  You've been warned. So follow if you must. There might be a few laughs there. But when he starts with you, you will know the truth about your great "friend". Act accordingly. And remember there is nothing he does that you are responsible for, he's his own worst enemy.

  I know the truth about Fudge.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Hi Folks!

   Sorry for the melodramatics, but I just couldn't resist using that opening...snicker...We have had wind and rain now for four days straight. I was going to get the puter from mom yesterday, but we were without power most of the day and no matter how I tried I couldn't get it  to work! Darn that magical stuff called 'lectricity! What kind of city is Letri anyway???

 Worst of it was that I couldn't write my ending for @rumblepurr and @inigo's story...............................................

 It was a Dark and Stormy Night, and Dr Mew and Baby Patches were starting to worry!

  All the floofy cats in the world were being drawn to the warehouse in which  Evil Mr Misha's De-Floofing machine was running. Dr Mew could tell even Baby Patches was being drawn in by the sound. It was a very subtle noise, Dr Mew could tell. Somewhere between the sound of a box of Meow Mix kibble being shook, the kitty Cha-Cha, and the opening of a can of Merrick New England Clam Boil. There was also a strange noise in the background that Dr Mew knew he should recognize, but couldn't quite place.

"Oh, Dr!", Baby Patches mewed,"Why am I so hungry?"

  Dr Mew could tell that even Baby Patches would soon be under it's spell, but as he started to suggest she sit down, Evil Mr Misha spoke.

" Mewwww! We meet again! But you are too late to save the intelligent species on THIS planet! Mua! Mua! Mua!"

"So, you think this place should go to the dogs, Misha?" Dr Mew asked. A still not quite recognizable noise was building in the background of Dr. Mew's senses. A sound that was not quite cat, yet vaguely familar.

"Oh, very  much Mew!" Evil Mr Misha assured the Doctor. "King Dougal assures me that when he takes over the Universe, that all the Tuna and Nip shall be mine! All Mine!! Mua! Mua! Mua! And I will be the only cat left with the ability to purr! MUA!!"

"Oh, no..." a transfixed Baby Patches mewed softly. "Dr, we have to do something, but I'm so hungry I want to go see what's in that giant catfood bowl..."

Dr Mew could see that she was surrendering to the alluring sounds being generated by the De-Floofing machine. There was no catfood bowl.

"Sit down Baby, and think hard about your favorite toys!" Dr Mew said to distract Baby Patches from the Machine's song. The noise in the background was still building and pulling Dr Mew's attention from Evil Mr Misha."Concentrate!" he told himself

"Mua, Mew!, You can't save them now!" a confident Misha purred." I will have all the floof, and all the purrs, and all the Tuna, and rule the puny humans all over the galaxy!"

Dr Mew rumbled back at Misha as a smell began to enter his conscienceness. "No Misha, I can not allow your evil plan to succeed! The Humans need their cats!"

 Several of the De-Floofed cats that had been lying around in a daze were stirring Misha could tell. What was up? Evil Mr Misha could have no use for them now, but something was bringing them out of their stupor. It couldn't be the Machine!

  The noise in the background was almost understandable now, but foreign, not Cat nor can, nor Dog. Some of the cats looked like they were hunting in their sleep. Almost ready to pounce on their quarry, but with a still glazed look to their eyes. Dr Mew could tell it wasn't enough yet! He needed a distraction!

" Baby!" he mewed softly to Baby Patches. "throw out all the little tinkly cat toys you have on you!" He said as he pulled all his favorite crinkly balls from his pockets. What was that sound and smell? He knew them, but the machine was still over-riding it's true nature.

  Evil Mr Misha was also starting to  be aware that something was changing. He ran to the machine to adjust it. Which gave Dr Mew and Baby Patches time to throw  the crinkly, tinkly toys out amongst the De-Floofed cats. The few that had not been drawn into the machine yet were definitely coming out from under it's spell and went for the toys. But Dr Mew could tell the distraction would not be enough to save them. But what was that wonderful elusive smell?

  The noise that had been building in the background kept changing and growing. Dr Mew could almost feel a "psst, psst, qua" to it now. But what was it? Between trying to understand the noise, and trying not to lose his concentration on Misha, Dr Mew had not thought about what might be going on outside the warehouse. But now he caught flashes of yellow and black outside the windows.

   Evil Mr Misha was so busy attempting to turn the volumn up on the De-Floofing Machine that he did not see Dr Mew tell Baby Patches to go open the warehouse doors. Baby Patches ran to do so while Misha's back was turned. The smell had gotten her attention too, and she knew something wonderful was out there!

 " Turn it up Misha!" Dr Mew rumbled deep in his chest. The smell was so intoxicating that he knew the De-floofing Machine would soon not be able to over-ride the other cats' desire for it! It would do Evil Mr Misha no good to turn it up, and would destroy the machine!

 But Misha was so intent on ruling the universe that he wasn't paying attention to Dr Mew now. Turning the knobs on the Machine up, the noise barely covered the sound of the warehouse doors opening.

  Oh. The. Wonderful. SMELL!!!

 A big smile crossed Dr Mew's face as he finally realized who had come to his and all of the cats' rescue!

" GEORGE!" he rumbled in his biggest cat greeting to George the Super Duck. All of the cats were alert now and looking to pounce and Kangaroo Kick with wild abandon.

  Evil Mr Misha was frantically trying to make his machine louder, but smoke and flames were beginning to rise from it. With a frantic "Meoouuw!" he jumped in to save his ill-gotten Floof just as there was a large POOF! from the machine.

And all was quiet.

All the Kong Duckies and Plague Ratsies were greeting the cats. The cats purring and pouncing with glee.They did not care at the moment they had no Floof, since they knew it would grow back, and they had their duckies and ratsies to play with!

Dr Mew and Baby Patches looked over at the ruins of the machine and laughed.

There lay Evil Mr Misha in a daze, now a Sphynx Cat.

Well, there you go, my ending to this installment of the Dr Mew series. What do you think Dr Mew and Baby Patches will do next?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dolly won an Award,but I get to accept it!

Hai! Rosie again!

 Yoda the Dog was nice enough to give an "Honest Scrap" Award to Dolly. Thanks Yoda!

 Turns out according to Yoda's research this award has over 7 million entries on Google. That's a lot of bloggers who have been honored because they are "bloggers who put their hearts on display as they write from the depths of their soul."

AAARRRGGGH! Blogger ate my post!! Whine, Sob, CRY!...Now I have to do it all over again!!eleventy!!1!! (and I had saved it too!!) All that was left of my whole post is what's up there...

 Dolly is letting me write this acceptance since our No 1 on the list of things you may not know about us is that I'm the Chief Spokescat around here! Molly is the oldest cat, but she is rather  patrician in that she mostly likes to oversee stuff rather than take part.

 We are very honored that Yoda picked us, and hope you enjoy our list of things you may not know about us! Thanks Yoda!

No 2 ~ Molly and my favorite treat is Kitty Kaviar. Luna's is any and all food in sight!

No 3 ~ Some of you may know that I like to read, especially books about cats. I do book reviews here from time to time, so check back to see my latest review when you get a chance. I'm the educated cat around here. Molly would rather I read aloud to her than do it herself, and Luna keeps trying to eat my books!

No 4 ~ Dolly and Ginger love their toys. Now I'm sure that isn't much of a secret, but what Dolly really loves is our toys! Sometimes I think she's half cat. I mean, you should see her! I expect at any time she is gonna start Kangaroo Kicking my Plague Ratsie! (please don't tell her I "ratted" her out,OK?)

No 5 ~ I am a treasure hunter! I can be found in the highest places and the hardest to get to drawer in the house looking for surprises to bring to mom. I have built in GPS. I can go in one drawer and come out 4 drawers over with my special offerings!

I mean, just look at these! I like leaving them all over as a special surprise for mom to find.

No 6 ~ Mom's special name for Molly is "chickenbones", reason being Molly is a very lightweight little cat. I look smaller since I'm a Torti on a Siamese type body, and Molly is a long haired dilute Calico. But I weigh more, a lot more. Luna is still a baby, but she is going to weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of what a Sherman Tank does.

No 7 ~ I love to sit at the top of our cat tree and look out the windows. This is much safer than the window sills, as Dolly can't join me there! I have never been outside except to go to the dreaded v.e.t., but it sure looks wonderful! I keep dropping hints that I'd like a KritterKondo so I can see just how wonderful it is!

No 8 ~ My favorite position is on my mom's shoulder. This makes it easy for me to watch her type my book reviews and do her twitter. It also makes it really easy for me to reach her chin with my paw. This way I can look her in the eyes and tell her I want a treat! ...mmmm, treats!(be right back!)



Oh, sorry, where were we? Ah, yes the list! Give me a minute while I clean my paws...


OK,Ok,I'm back! You can't expect a cat to have a treat without cleaning up afterwards, now can you?

No 9 ~ Oh, the top spot on the cat tree? That really is mine. It's mine I say! Molly prefers the triangle thingy that swings, probably because she can step into it from the back of the couch rather than climb the trunk. But I love to be above everything! Luna used to like the triangle thingy, but her way of getting in it left much to be desired by mom...running leap! Good thing she moved it away from the wall! WAIT! I see an usurper! Luna get out of my spot! BRB folks, gotta go get the brat outta my place.


Hey, Luna!! LOOK! There's dogfood over here...Heh, told you she'd eat anything!


Ok,back to the list...

No 10 ~ We have a wonderful time at our house, but we love all of our Twitter and blog friends. But I guess that isn't something you didn't already know is it?

Now for the list of some of our friend we'd like to give this award to. Ten folks we like to read, and we'd like to know more about.

First is  Blindmaximus. Since he's a sweet little dog, and fairly new to blogging, I bet there's lots he can tell us!

Then there's Henry, aka Quadpawd who has stepped into his big brother's pawprints so wonderfully. But we want to hear more about Henry!

Third would be Jazzy da Cat . I can't wait to hear all the fun things she'll tell us!

Next is Jed Bramwell I bet there are lots of things we don't know about Jed, Tito and their movie!

Fifth is Lainey I bet there's lots of things she'd like to tell us about her new sister and COOKIES!!

And how about Marley and Lola ,they have a wonderful blog. but I'd like to learn more about the terrierists!

Two of the coolest kitties,none other than Inigo and Rumblepurr I sure they have lots to tell us, especially about the adventure they have just started!

Number eight would be Mattie da Dog I loved his story about how he got his home. Bet there's lots more to tell!

And then, would be Cute I know they have something cute every day! But I bet there's cat secrets they can share!

Lastly there's Huntyr who does many exciting things that I'm sure we all want to learn about.

Well,there ya go folks! Ten things you didn't know us and ten folks we'd like to hear more about.

Thanks again Yoda for giving us this award.

Rosie, Dolly and crew

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rosie's Review of "Under the Paw"

Hai everyone, Rosie here!

  Thought you might like to hear about a book I just read. About cats, of course. Just before Christmas @LaddietheMutt sent it to Dolly as a pawpawty pwise. But I'm the reader/book critic around here...snicker...(as Dolly might say!)

I think that's Pablo and Bootsy, two of the cats in the story.

  It is the tale of an English fellow,Tom Cox, who loves his cats. He'd better, he and Dee have six of them. And all the things they have done through the years for their cats, and all the fun things their cats have done to them. Like being sure to leave little treasures on the pillow.

  He tells of his childhood cat, Monty. Who was quite dog-like, and went for daily walks with him.

  And then of the cats they have later in life. Like The Bear, who's an evil genius, or was either Houdini or a tragic Shakesperian actor in another life.

  Then there's Janet, who must have been a little retarded, but loves everyone, and not surprising doesn't care that his name is so feminine!

  And Shipley, who talks more than a Siamese, and has his own Chicken Song for when he's trying to get fed some of that bird!

  Then Ralph, who's a little crazy and insecure, and needs to be told he's beautiful.

  Pablo, who started life as feral cat, but loved everyone he met and every meal he could get.

  And lastly Bootsy, the tiny grey finally girl cat!

  It was a fun little story about how he quite rightly realizes that cats are the superior species, and it's his job to see that they were never short of treats, toys, a soft cushion, or a sunpuddle. And that his cats gladly return their affection for his having remembered these basic facts!

 So, if you get the chance, I highly recommend that you read this book.

~ Rosie