Saturday, September 18, 2010

That dog you help save? Just might be your new best friend

Wow! This is a wonderful campaign that  the Pedigree Dog food company has going! For every blogger who posts about their program set up with the #blogpaws group, Pedigree is donating a 20 lb bag of their Healthy Longevity Dog food to a shelter! You have until tomorrow September 19th to write a post, so go help a dog now! There are over 270 posts so far. That's over two tons of dog food that Pedigree is donating!

You don't blog? Well, Pedigree also has a fan page on Facebook , just go hit their "like" button and they will donate a bowl of dog food for every new fan. Or do both!!

So, go write a post if you haven't already, and be sure to link it to the BlogHop, so they'll know to count your post!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #4 ~ My Bed

Oh, this one definitely belongs to my cats!! This is Luna sleeping in the middle of her tree! Three cats, three sleeping baskets!

Yeah, Luna again! Awake this time!

This is Molly's favorite place to sleep, the back of the couch. She's not so sure about have a "bed" on top of it!

This is Rosie's second favorite bed, after the top basket on the cat tree!

Well,there ya go!
Some of my cat's favorite sleeping spots!