Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A salute to Mai Pal Dougal

I can't hardly imagine a twitterverse where Frugaldougal isn't our shining Northern Star. And while I know his spirit will always be with us, but his loss will be felt keenly.

But I am consoling myself right now thinking of all the nights, (my nights, his days) we spent talking together at pawpawty. The pawpawty we stoled the Crown Jewels(& I didn't tell him he was the main suspect until the week before...snicker...!) The pawty at Morriscat's in the days before there was a pawpawty. The cats thought the dogs should stay on the porch, so we played in the sprinklers in Morris' yard until we were good and muddy and THEN we went in the house and chased the cats!(I think PerrytheBirman ended up wearing a lampshade!!) The anipals pawtied until the sun came up! I don't think Morris' folks have left him alone for a weekend since!...snicker...

So many lives my friend FD has helped save! A little English dog that cared so deeply, and will be missed now in this life. But his star will shine so brightly in Heaven, and he will wait patiently until the day when he will be reunited with his family at the Rainbow Bridge.

There will never be another quite like Dougal...

Vaya con Dios, my friend, until we meet again!