Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little About My Family

Hi Ya! I'm still learning about this bloggy thing,so I though I would tell you a little about my family while I practice! At first I thought mom had said froggy,now a froggy I know what to do with!Then I read the story mom let Rosie write,and I thought Hey! I can do this! It will be great fun!! So,here we go! I hope you like it!

This is the pasture where Flicka and Strawberry live.
They are both BLM Mustangs.Flicka was born some place near Susanville,Calif. in late July of 1986. Mom got her in January of 1987.So mom picked the 4th of July for her birthday,  because that seemed very appropriate for an American Mustang.
She's a grumpy old lady now at 23. Strawberry is actually my little girl's horse,she's the Strawberry Roan! We got her on Valentine's Day 2001,she's 15. 
Oh,yeah, this is why my mom's family calls our place  
 Rainbow Ranch. 

Every year during the spring rains we get lots of rainbows.Mom says that this one was a complete double,whatever that is.But she couldn't back up enough to get it all in.Here's another one that almost fit!I can see them out my living room window,but mom won't let me out to play in the mud !

This is Flicka in the snow!  
She's appropriately bundled up for a Central California horse,even if she is a Mustang!

My dad titled this picture "Horse Corral Repair 1000",but I can't seem to find the other 999 pictures anywhere! Mom was very happy with him making this for Flicka and Strawberry.

 This is me on the very first day at my home!(Yea,Me!!)My mom and Little Girl went to Lompoc to pick me up.I was actually born in Ramona,but the breeder was going to be at a Dog Show,so I met my mom there for the very first time. I was so excited to meet her! I was so little I could walk under Ginger's belly!
                               This was how Ginger met Little Girl.                  Grandpa thought a little girl needed a big dog! I'm so glad he did,because she's my bestest friend!

           This is Ginger's baby picture!
          Another picture of Ginger as a puppy.                            

    Here she is helping mom plant stuff!...snicker....

       And this is why mom won't let me play in the mud!(Ginger thought she was helping mom plant roses...snicker...)

Well,that's it for now. I will tell you about the other animals in the family another time! I hope you enjoyed my telling you about Flicka,Strawberry and Ginger! Hopefully I didn't embarass Ginger too much!...snicker...


  1. Awwww, you are such cute puppies. I think I'd like mud, it looks FUN!!

  2. Great blog! you look so cute in da pictures with your girl. Ginger looks kinda guilty in dat last pic *snicker snicker* HUGS!

  3. This was so much fun, an extension of Twitter! We love following you on Twitter and now we get to read your fun blog. We love the great outdoors and your Rainbow Ranch is a fantastic snapshot of some of the best Mother Nature has to offer.

    Much Love and *Nosetaps*
    Your Twitter Fwiends
    Lisa, Madi and Abi
    PS thanks for spinning all the good songs

  4. We loved reading about your family! Great job Dolly and congrats on your new bloggy!! Our mama has always loved Flicka the show :)

    Raven, Rio and Thor