Friday, October 9, 2009

#FollowFriday Furpower

  #FollowFriday on Twitter has been very difficult for me to do for quite some time.There are so many wonderful anipals and people that it has almost become impossible to mention them all.There are some very special ones however that I would like to mention this first Friday of my blog.(and I bet I will miss some still! There are so many great anipals.)

  All of these anipals are helping to support one or more animal shelters.They know that their lives are special because someone loves and cares for them & they want to help care for those that have no one. They have worked hard on all of the monthly pawpawties,so that not only would all the anipals have a fun time,but so that we could all help the abandoned,homeless animals that have so much love to give to someone that would adopt them and love them back.

  So,here's my list of some of the biggest-hearted anipals of all~

  • Romeo and Pugsley ~ Where would we be without them & their mom who helped start the Pawpawties for us,who help a special shelter every month. This month it is Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue
  • FrugalDougal ~ Dougal and his mom have done so much to make the pawpawties go so well.Before,during and after they have made it look easy.They do all the hard work so we can have fun! Go say thanks to them at Dougal's blog and find out about our next pawpawty!
  • JavatheCat ~ This special cat is the reason we can pawty so hardy! From the wonderful menu of pawty specific noms to the schedules for the Barktenders and DJs to the Quizmasters and pwise donations,Java has helped to keep it all together!And she has helped many an anipal with their costume!
  • ShawneeShep and SnicktheDog  ~ These two have charge of Sekurity at the pawpawties.We all love to creat silly situations for them to "patrol", but their job has a serious side at the pawties also. They keep the spammers and Britney bots out!
  • FergustheDog ~ Fergus helps to get all of the DJs lined up for every pawpawty.
  • MizzBassie and JazzydaCat ~You can always count on these two to be in there helping Java to make the pawty fun! For chickfest their charity was Animal Aid
   And then there are the anipals that not only join in to make the pawpawties a big success,they help one of their local shelters make life easier for the animals that have yet to get their forever home.

  • BrewskieButt and BZTAT ~ It would be a sadder world without Brews and his mom,they bring us all such joy on Twitter.And we all love to see what special art project Brew's mom has going now! Their special charity is the Friends of the Pound in Stark County,Ohio
  • BorisKitty ~ Boris is a very special anipal,he even went so far as to wear a T-shirt for his charity! I think he much preferred the scarf he got for joining in the walk for the Berks County Shelter...snicker...
  • SylvieDog and MugsyDog ~ these two helped on a moments notice to organize a donation drive for the Santa Barbara Humane Society when Santa Barbara was experiencing a major fire that displaced hundreds of animals from their homes,including one of our own anipals! Because of Sylvie and Mugsy it was a little easier for those animals Oh,and I can't forget to mention how Sylvie and her mom put together the Real Pawpawty site to help us keep out the spammers before the days of our Sekurity Patrol! Oh,and COOKIES!!
    which then brings us to our favorite cookie chef!!
  • Laineyspawtique and Health4UandPets ~ These fine folks donate a portion of every one of their sales to the Morris Animal Foundation to help pay for research to find a cure for cancer in dogs and cats.They also donate pwises to every pawpawty like every one of the anipals on this special list!
  • MishaKidd ~ Misha and his mom thru the New Zealand's Next Top Cat Model contest have brought a lot of notice to helping animal shelters. Misha's special charity is Lonely Miaow and the New Zealand Humane Society and with his Catwalk Caturday contest he helped raise over a $1000 for them.
  • KittenRescue ~ This Los Angeles Shelter was one of the first pawpawty charities! They care for over 250 cats and kittens!They are also a great bunch of anipals.
  • GD_Kenworth and SamsonKatt  ~ These two are some very special friends of mine! Ken and his mom PJ helped me organized and find tour directors for our weekendroadtrip pawpawty! It was incredibly pawsome to work with them and all the wonderful anipals that volunteered to take us places around the world.Ken is a Service Dog and in honor of the US Memorial Day Weekend when the pawpawty was held we chose VetDogs as our charity.

  Well as you can see this is an incredible list of wonderful anipals!And I am sure I have left out many that are just as wonderful and belong on this list! Every one of them has a heart of gold and I am so proud to be able to call them my friends!



  1. Great list, Dolly!! Everyone, give round of appaws to all these hard-working, dedicated anipals that make every anipal on twitter happier to know them!! *clap clap clap*

  2. Thanks for the mention mai pal, love the blog. High Paw