Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Day in My Life

Rosie,the Shoulder Cat

Hai! I can believe my luck! I never get a chance to use the puter.

Oh, I’m Rosie, the shoulder cat. Usually I have to watch my mom read political blogs or my sister Dolly the Cocker doing her thing at Twitter (she’s very social!). But today I am going to tell you all about my exciting life. What you don’t think an indoor cat can have an exciting life?

OK, so it’s not always exciting, but I do have lots of fun, and get to snark at what‘s going on! I get to read all the news & blogs while sitting on my mom’s shoulder at the puter. Boy, are you humans dumb! There isn’t enough intelligence put into what you call “news” to warrant the wasted pixels! Don’t any of you know how to write something that gives fact instead of opinion about events? Humans are just not that important that their opinion should be news. Try coming up with a better grade of catnip, then we can talk important!

My exciting day begins about 6am. That’s when my little sister Luna the Bengal and I start out with our morning zoomies to get the fur flying and the blood flowing. Nah, we don’t have a fight! We just run all around the house sounding like a mini elephant to make sure everyone is up and paying attention to us! Molly, my older sister is usually too dignified to join us, but I can tell she secretly would like to, and she some times does. If she hasn’t opened a cupboard & taken out something to play with that is.

Molly can find the coolest things to play with! One time she got us a spool of thread out of the drawer. Oh, that was such fun! We played soccer with it all day. I can’t understand why mom was muttering under her breathe when she picked up all the thread that evening when she got home. Humans! They are so dull.

After our morning exercise we get our first breakfast. Yum! We play with mom here too. She puts mine & Molly’s food in our dishes, and then puts Luna’s kitten food in her dish. Mom can’t figure why we go eat Luna’s first, while Luna eats ours. We will never tell!

Then it is time for our first nap of the day. I always go sleep on mom’s pillow for this most important nap, mostly because she needs to have some of my hair there too. Molly says cause she’s the oldest she gets to sleep with mom all night. But I know that she wouldn’t sleep well if my hair wasn’t there too. Luna contributes to mom’s well being also by making sure to get into the bed every night, and biting mom’s fingers around 3 am. That and an ungraceful leap from the headboard on to mom to make sure she’s asleep!

Oh, I call Luna my little sister cause she’s younger. But at five months, she’s already bigger than Molly and I. And a klutz! Maybe she should take up ballet or something. Or maybe not. She went to jump into the bathtub the other day and missed. Bam! There she was hanging like a cartoon kitty! MOL,MOL,MOL! I hope she grows into her big feet here soon.

Of course this works well after our first nap, when I chase her up our cat tree. I get all the way to the top and when she tries to follows, I push her off! Great fun!

So, mom refills our food dishes before she goes to work and we play the switcharoo on her again. She falls for it every time! (We eat our own food when she’s gone, but she’ll never know!) Then she has to check on the little blue fish in the bowl, cause we think that water tastes better than what is in our bowls. Poor guy! He’s gotten pretty close to having to learn to walk to the next watering hole thanks to us! Fish make good toys too when they wiggle on the floor!

Then it is time to investigate the drawers again and see what we can pull out to play with .We have our own toys, some of which I’m very fond, but it is so much fun to see what might be new in the drawers. Molly takes her third nap in the one in the kitchen that mom now leaves empty for her. The spoilsport! What good is a drawer that you can’t pull something out of?

Luna and I then look for a good box to play with. We have one now that is three-sided, so we can zoom through it like it was a tunnel. One of us waits on one end while the other zooms through and attacks the other one. I always act surprised when Luna does this. I mean, she’s a kid and everything so I have to play along after all!

The best part of my day however is when mom gets home. That means our targets for the evening are allowed in. The dogs! Dolly plays pretty good for a dog; she can’t climb the cat tree of course, but enjoys romping with us. She doesn’t quite get the stealth attack, but is a good sport about it.

Ginger, on the other hand, never knows what hit her! I love beating up on her! MOL! Big ol monster just lets me have at her…I love my dogs!

Another nap and then it is time for dinner. Where once again, with Molly leading the charge we pretend that the food in the dish now is just not good enough and want fresh. Miaow! Refills all around and once again we switch bowls, got to keep her guessing after all.

Now it is the best time of my day! I get to sit on mom’s shoulder while she reads her blogs, and Dolly gets to talk with all of her friends on Twitter. Those anipals sure do gets to have a lot of fun! They have lots of Pawpawties where they help raise money for animal shelters. So the homeless kitties and doggies have food and toys. Mom says it is good that Dolly likes to help. I like the noms and tunes, but Dolly likes the Barkaritas!

So there you have it, my exciting day. I told you it was fun, now you know that I was right!

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  1. Good job, Rosie! You're a great writer - I'm glad they let you use the 'puter. *wags*