Saturday, May 25, 2013


November 14, 2000 ~ May 24th, 2013

"Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said goodbye.
 Remember me once in awhile, please promise that you'll try.

When you find that once again you long to take your heart back and be free,
 if you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me."



                             Lamb Chop

              Jan 2012 ~ March 28, 2013



April 2008 ~ April 11, 2013

Feb 2007 ~ Nov 4, 2014

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A salute to Mai Pal Dougal

I can't hardly imagine a twitterverse where Frugaldougal isn't our shining Northern Star. And while I know his spirit will always be with us, but his loss will be felt keenly.

But I am consoling myself right now thinking of all the nights, (my nights, his days) we spent talking together at pawpawty. The pawpawty we stoled the Crown Jewels(& I didn't tell him he was the main suspect until the week before...snicker...!) The pawty at Morriscat's in the days before there was a pawpawty. The cats thought the dogs should stay on the porch, so we played in the sprinklers in Morris' yard until we were good and muddy and THEN we went in the house and chased the cats!(I think PerrytheBirman ended up wearing a lampshade!!) The anipals pawtied until the sun came up! I don't think Morris' folks have left him alone for a weekend since!...snicker...

So many lives my friend FD has helped save! A little English dog that cared so deeply, and will be missed now in this life. But his star will shine so brightly in Heaven, and he will wait patiently until the day when he will be reunited with his family at the Rainbow Bridge.

There will never be another quite like Dougal...

Vaya con Dios, my friend, until we meet again!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Memory of My Friend Flicka

Yesterday was a sad day at the Rainbow Ranch

July 4, 1986 ~ September 26, 2012

I remember the day I got her. The BLM was holding an Adopt-a-Horse weekend at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. They had 125 horses and burros, most of them were foals like Flicka. I was the first one there when they opened the gate.

It was January 9, 1986. I looked at foals for 3 hours. Finally I had a list of about ten, I looked at those ten for another hour. At last I picked #4544, as she had the most beautiful eyes. I went and filled out the paperwork, and paid my $125.

Flicka was mine.

On Sunday Jan11th we loaded her up and took her to a little stable in Oak View California, where she lived for the next twelve years.(she was so little (& the BLM didn't want us to tie her head) that she was able to jump up in the manger of the trailer & look out the back. She rode that way to Oak View!)

This is what she looked like the day I got her to her new home (Well actually the day after ~ I was so excited I forgot my camera!) I was still trying to decide on her name, among the possibilities were Jackpot, Keno, and Flicka. I'd won the money I used to pay for her in a Keno game in Henderson, NV., so now you know where those other two names came from!(biggest jackpot I've ever won!) But as you can see, she was definitely a "Little Girl", the horse next to her was only a month older than she was, so "Flicka" it was! She was only 15 hands when she stood on tippytoe full grown (That's 5' at the shoulder for those who don't read horse!...snicker...)

This was Flicka  four months later when she had moved into her "Princess" Box stall.(you might notice, she always wore the Royal Purple!...snicker...) It had been so wet that winter that her original stall had never been dry. So she had a box stall that was almost as big as her original stall with nice dry shavings that they closed up at night and when it rained, with a big run outside for nice weather.

Those white markings on her neck? That her BLM brand signifying she's an American Mustang! Because she was born in 1986 the first two "numbers" looked like it said "US" (The BLM uses what's called "Alpha Angle Code" instead of "real numbers")

You can't see it in the pictures, but while she had no white on her face except a tiny nab on her nose, she did have two swirls in the middle of her face. Those of you with horses may have heard that means you have an ornery, smart critter on your hands! You heard right!...snicker...Flicka was the Alpha mare, and would never take directions from anyone but me!

One of Flicka's favorite things to do was race Fancy, the stable's dog every afternoon when it was her turn in the arena. They did that almost every day for 4 years until Fancy died at the ripe old age(for a Rottweiler) of 10

This is how she looked as a yearling in August of 1987

She was always the Queen of everything she surveyed, and that shine to her coat was natural, even last Spring, she was as shiny as when she was young.

One summer I decided she would enjoy being out in a two acre pasture with other horses rather than being in her box stall. Well, the other ten horses all had to wait while she ate. She put on 50 lbs in less than a month!

She was pretty picky  in her treats too! She loved to eat the wild Anise in the spring, but didn't touch it once it was dried. Only green apples, and Dr Pepper, never a Coke! Her cookies had better have molasses in them, or the other horses could have them!

This was Maggie. Maggie thought she was a ranch dog, and came with us on a couple rides, but...have you ever seen PigPen from the Peanuts cartoon?...snicker...Yup, there was a cloud of dust around her the whole ride! Cockers really aren't meant to be trail dogs! (and, yeah, that's a scan of a Polaroid!)

The one and only picture of Flicka and me together! Turns out I couldn't take pictures of her if I was on her back!

These were taken at the Rainbow Ranch where Flicka lived the last 14 years of her life. This was right after she came home from two weeks at the equine hospital when she flipped an intestine, and had to have surgery. She lived another eight years after that. (Yeah, she's laughing at me in that middle one!)

She was a wonderful friend and was happy and just about always healthy all her life(except for that flipped intestine!). The last six months she was starting to slow down and act her age, but she was never in any pain, and enjoyed her days standing in the shade of her tree rather than running around like she did as a youngster, but I guess that's to be expected when you are a horse older than a quarter of a century.

The morning she died she called out to me as I was coming out to feed them their breakfast, and again two hours later when I checked on them. At about 2 o'clock she had a stroke, and when I got to her, she was down and couldn't get up. She still looked at me with those big beautiful eyes of hers, and was as calm as a horse can be that is down, because she knew, as always, I was there for her, as she was for me.

When I called her vet, he drove 20 miles in 15 minutes, and we helped her complete her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. She was buried at sundown in her pasture.

Rest in Peace My Friend Flicka, 
your time on earth may be over, but you will live forever in my heart.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA STRIKE Jan 18 2012

Go on strike!

January 18th, 2012 is the largest online protest in history, to stop the internet censorship bills, SOPA & PIPA. Join in by blacking out your site and urging everyone you can reach to contact Congress now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So, does BlogPaws have an answer?

  I guess the controversy didn't end last month... here 's the link if you hadn't read it before.

  The question remains, is BlogPaws for shelter bloggers or for pet bloggers?

  If they are going to go with the shelter agenda of demonizing pet stores then they should let their members know, so the ones that like their pet stores or like purebred animals can move on to a group that will appreciate them. Otherwise BlogPaws is just being dishonest.

  Or maybe folks didn't believe me when I said I would no longer be quiet when they decided they had some kind of right to pick on other folks that didn't do things the way THEY wanted them done. They should have believed me, because I meant it.

  But, I'm going to use their own words this time!

  Gee... What have we got here? Only they care about animals.  Yeah, right. The only thing they care about is that you get your animal in their approved manner. Remember boycott pet stores and bad-mouth people you know nothing about!

  Blog post after blog post.... ALL from the same person who has stated she wanted ALL pet stores to stop selling pets, and ALL breeders put out of business. Not the least bit of bias there, is there?  CindyLu will parrot whatever she's been told. I'm willing to bet she has never been anywhere near a "puppy mill" nor done any research of her own, but that's OK because she hates pet stores anyway because they sell any lie will do. That a pet store and a so-called "puppy mill" are not the same thing doesn't matter. The fact that I have almost 10 years of experience with pet stores and their animals, and close to 40 years of experience with animal breeders that tells me the majority of pet stores and breeders are great people, doesn't mean anything to folks like CindyLu...she's got her lies to back her up. Talk about "inbreeding"!

  Once again CindyLu thinks she's the only one that cares about animals. Not the least self-righteous is she? And she just knows "most don't" because why? Oh, those blog posts over and over again. No bias there!

  So, BlogPaws needs to decide. Which is it? The shelter agenda of demonizing pet stores, pet breeders, and pet owners that don't marchstep to their tune, or is Blogpaws about all pet owners? I think an honest answer is required so that folks know where they stand and if BlogPaws is about them, or just folks that have an agenda.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Arrgh! It's Blog like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy me hearties!

 Cap't Cokie asked all ye scurvy dogs (and cats!) to hoist the Jolly Roger and be showin' yerr colors!
(or maybe that was "put up a pic of your av" and I lost something in the translation!!)

                                   Cap't Dolly Rogers

So now run over to Cap't Cokie's ship and add yours!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

BlogPaws Brouhaha

   It seems there is a little dust-up over at BlogPaws. The Blogpaws folks were blindsided by a blogger who didn't like one of their speakers at the last convention, and rather than talk with the folks at BlogPaws, just put together a post that the BlogPaws folks say was long on opinion and short on facts. You can read what the BlogPaw folks had to say here . And then come back and read the rest of my rant!

   During the Blogpaws convention I finally got angry about a nasty tweet from a shelter person about dog breeders and pet stores. So angry in fact I blocked them on my Twitter account, and I block no one but the spammers! But that was the final straw that broke the camel's back. I have had it with self-rightous people that have done nothing but demand that everybody has to do things their way... I guess those folks don't care about the folks that could do a lot to help shelters find homes for animals. They only care about telling others what to do! Well, excuse my French, but too damn bad!

   These people DO NOT CARE about animals, they just want to be in control.  They finally pushed me one time too many, so from now on out I'm going to call them out every time I see them lie about other people because they think they can get their way by lying, or they can self-rightously hurt other people's feeling because those folks don't do things the way they want them done. The folks at Blogpaws are trying to be nice about it, but I guess they just haven't had to put up with as much of the nastiness I've seen from folks like Mel, or didn't realize these are control freaks, and that is more important than animals having homes to them.

   After the BlogPaws convention  I wrote and re-wrote three different posts, but I was still too angry to post them. Well. I'm still angry, but the blogger that wrote the nasty post about Blogpaws is exactly the reason I'm angry, so here it is. They would rather complain about one of the speakers at BlogPaws, and apparently tell lies about that person because they don't like it that the person sets up websites for purebred breeders. The fact that he also sets up website for shelters for free doesn't cover for his other "sins" in their eyes. And it is a sin to them if you don't fall in line with their dogma!(Breeders BAD! Pet stores BAD! Everybody who doesn't agree with them BAD!) Hey! Maybe he should just stop giving away his time and the work he does to help shelters! What do you think?

  Apparently the Mels in the world don't care too much for folks that think and do differently than what they want them to do. Every breeder is a "puppy mill" to them, and the truth doesn't matter. They would rather run off folks that love and care for their animals just as much as they do, because "those folks aren't decent"(and yes, that is EXACTLY what I have been told...) since they didn't BUY their animal at a shelter(and no, you do not "adopt" an animal at a shelter; if you did you'd pay court fees and get a legal document, or at minimum have a follow up service like the BLM does with the Mustangs and Burros, where the local animal service comes out at least four times in the first year to see that you are caring for that animal before you get LEGAL ownership from the BLM. No shelter does that that I'm aware of. Once that animal is out of there, they're on to the next fundraiser.)

   So, I do not ever want to hear that pet stores selling animals are bad, unless you are going to say SHELTERS who are ALSO selling anmals are also bad! There IS no difference. All those animals need homes, and it doesn't matter where they come from. Or maybe you think the shelters should have a monopoly on selling animals? Why? They are just two businesses doing the exact same thing.

   I can't begin to tell you how many folks I know that the Mels in the world have run off from twitter or facebook, or the number I have tried to get to stick around, they were just too tired of the hate coming their way! They were there to talk about their animals just like the rest of us, but since the Mels don't approve of the fact that they have purebreds, or horror or horror, raise purebreds, they couldn't do that. Those folks were there to help at the pawty fundraisers too, and to help shelters. But not any more! I can't tell you how many times in the last six months alone I have thought about walking away from it myself. I don't need the nastiness that comes from folks who think they have the right to tell others what they should do, and that those folks had better do it their way, or else!

   I talk with nationally known breeders and AKC competitors. When I ask them if they could help with pawpawty and the like to raise money for shelters they tell me "Why? Those people hate us." (AKC folks can't even sell their pups through a pet store, or any place besides where they raise their animals. But I'm betting the Mels in the world aren't going to let a little fact like that get in the way of their nastiness)

   The pet stores I have worked with, and dealt with feel the same. Even though I know for a fact that all of them work very hard to make sure that every animal they have has been throughly vet checked, as well or better than any shelter, that doesn't stop the lies from these people who are never asked to prove their nasty statements. (well, you might want to say...that might not be true for all pet stores. Well it might not be true for all shelters either, but that sure isn't going to make any difference to folks like Mel!)

   And yeah, I'm still angry. These folks don't want to help animals, they want to control other people's choices.

   Sorry for the rant. But folks like Mel would rather cut off their own noses to spite their face if they don't get their own way. They DO NOT CARE that there are loads of folks that want all animals to have homes that THEY have run off with their attitude. Folks that would be helping, except for the treatment they get from folks like Mel. They will just stay away from shelters and folks like that, and do what they can without dealing with the Mels in the world.

   So finally it comes down to this. Do folks really want to help all animals have a good home, or do they want to tell others that they have to do it their way or else? I'm pretty certain where the Mels in that question fall...