Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have been Given an Award by DogThunder and elineof!

 Thank you Thunder and Elineof for honoring me this Honest Scrap Award! As many of you know, this award is given to blogging friends because you enjoy their work and would like to know more about them. So thanks again Thunder and Eline for thinking of me!

So, my ten things you may not know about me:

1 ~ I LOVE going to the groomers! Now this probably isn't much of a surprise,but I enjoy all the pampering I get there, and always like looking pretty.

2 ~ I like swimming too! Not as much as my sister Ginger, but I do enjoy it. An added bonus of going swimming is that it messes up my beautiful hair, so I have to go back to the groomer's the next day!...snicker...

3 ~ My cat sister Rosie likes water. I really expect to see her one evening jump in the bathtub with Little Girl. Everytime a water bowl, or sink or tub gets filled, she's right there checking it out!

4 ~ I have two turtles, Myrtle and Timothy, and Rosie and Molly love to eat the turtle food. Myrtle and Timothy are Red-Eared Slider Turtles and used to live in a small pond on our patio until mom got them a big tank so they could live in the house. This is what they look like, and they get quite large, up to almost a foot long.Timothy and Myrtle are only about half of that though.

5 ~ We all know I like Bacon!, but Ginger likes bananas! Silly girl, who would want a banana over Bacon!?? Ummm, maybe a peanut butter, banana, and Bacon! sandwich? right back,OK?


 Where were we? Oh, yeah, number 6 ~ My favorite place to nap, especially after a peanut butter, banana, Bacon! sandwich is in a chair by the window of our living room. It's just my size and comfy! Ginger takes the couch!Hmmm...(OK, OK, I'm not napping now, just resting!)

7 ~ We don't get to go to the Lake often enough. Seems there isn't enough room for us when Little Girl's friends come along! Grr...maybe I'll go chew one of my toys for a while, or one of Little Girl's shoes...snicker...

8 ~ Our silly ducks love water too! Now I'm sure that is no secret to anyone, but these guys take it to a whole new level! They were swimming in a puddle only 3 or so inches deep the other day after the rain. I guess they will do anything to be able to get in the water. Mom went to take a picture of all of them in the puddle the other day, but by the time she got there only one was still swimming. The others were eating bugs! Ewwwuh!

That's them in the horse's pasture. What a muddy mess! Silly ducks!
Here they are today, the puddle has shrunk, and the sun is shining!
9 ~ I really do like my Little Girl, I usually start out the night sleeping on her bed with her until mom get's off Twitter. Sometimes she lets me borrow her necklaces too! I'm thinking about maybe returning the favor some day.

10 ~ Oh, last but not least, I'm smarter than Ginger! She's the one who always finds the skunk on our last walk of the night! I sure wouldn't want a bath in tomato sauce & water outside at night! She's done it three times! Silly girl

My ten friends I'd like to learn more about include these four since they are all Shorty Award finalists too.

1 ~ @BZTAT Because we love her art and @Brewskiebutt, and would like to hear even more about them.

2 ~ @YodatheDog's mom @VAStateParks, Because I bet she's just as nice as Yoda!

3 ~ @frugaldougal Because we all love him!

4 ~ @ZackRabbit Because Zack is just Awesome! 

The other six are no less special, they just haven't been nominated for a Shorty yet!

5 ~ @OllyTed Because he and @Spencerteddy and @marshallsheldon are putting together the #TeddyOlympics and I bet we'd all like to here how we can all compete and about Olly!

6 ~ @CokietheCat Our own "Hollywood Insider" and a very nice cat to boot! If you haven't seen his visitor's map, you just have to go take a look now!!(hurry back though for the rest of the list!)

7 ~ @CaplinROUS Who is a capybara who holds the Rodent Jeopardy contests on Twitter

8 ~ @no_crybaby_doGs Because she has a wonderful story to tell and makes beautiful magnets too!

9 ~ @kittenrescue Who don't really have a blog like we think of, but I bet there's a lot they could tell us about all their kitties and the wonderful work they are doing! And how we can all help shelter animals.

10 ~ @Inigoflufflebottom and @Rumblepurr Because these two make twitter so wonderful for all their friends

Thanks again Thunder and Eline for honoring me with this award. I hope you enjoyed my answers!



  1. Wait - does this mean Dolly's giving us ten Anipals Honest Scrap Awards too?? =^..^=

  2. Well,can you think of 100 things to tell us Cokie??

  3. The groomer?! EEK! HIDE!
    (I don't like going there...)

  4. Mom is thrilled and is already thinking about her blog post! Thanks you so much!

  5. AWW!!! Thank you little woof!!! We're so happy you've thought of us!

  6. Congratulations on the award. It was fun learning mnore about you too.

  7. OH Geez, I thought I posted a comment here, but maybe it didn't go through!
    Ruthi! Thank you so much! I am really honoured! HUGS! you're so pawesome! Thanks for all your support and encouragement! you're a gr8 furrend! xoxo