Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well,you aren't going to see many posts like this one.

Good Riddance,or
What I know about the nasty small minded FUDGE ~

  Many of you think you know this character "Sir" Fudge, well I've known him much longer than just about any of you. Oh, I know you think he's very droll, and so "intelligent". Well, I would hope a University student would have access to at the very least a proper Thesaurus and a grammar book. I've heard they do have such things as books in Australia after all, and not everyone is related to Crocodile Dundee, or a convict. 

 JazzydaCat told you the truth ~

 That's why he deleted her comment about what he's done over on his blog and at twitter...that is also why this reply to his smallness is here on Dolly's blog. He can't delete anything on THIS blog!!

 HE makes you laugh you say. How is that again? Oh, he thinks it is so funny to insult people, and you laugh at his crassness? And when he turns it on you, you apologize to him?

 What is wrong with you people? What kind of bootlickers are you anyway?

 Three weeks ago I told him I would no longer comment on anything he had to say. This was after a 20 DM diatribe from him amounting to "You are not my mom!","I can say anything I want", "You always try to hurt me!",and "Don't tell me what to say". He thinks that he deleted a part of them that day, but my phone has it's own memory(and with a 2MB memory I'm too lazy to erase anything) All because I had tweeted to him that he didn't have to be mean about the folks that want so badly to "believe" in pawcircles; that his Elmer Gantry schtick was very hurtful to many, and all he really had to do was ignore it in its entirety. I have had no communications with him since Jan 8th. He was still following me at 7pm PSTon the 25th, since his tweets were showing in my TD All Friends column during BabyPatches pawty. By 8pm, he was blocking people he didnt even know...

 I personally do not do pawcircles, because by the tenets of my religion they border on sacrilege. I will say a prayer for those in need. But I do not, will not demean, insult, or in any way attempt to hurt the feelings of those who do.That would be a bigger sin than the pawcircles themselves for me. The pawcircles do no harm, and comfort many people. Do no harm is a much better way to live than demeaning what you do not understand, or personally do not believe in. That it is much kinder to never say anything about someone that you wouldn't want being said about you...

  Fudge thinks, I can only assume, that this means I wouldn't publicly point out where he is wrong. He'd be wrong. There is a difference between not demeaning someone's harmless behavior, and pointing out deliberate nastiness towards others.

  Fudge quite obviously swings the other way. Sometimes it seems he's the mean class clown in elementary school. Where if you don't like his picking on his latest target, you can soon become the target. You folks all somehow think this is a "hip" thing to do? What? You're all in elementary school too? You somehow gain prestige by being his nasty little cheering gallery?

  Sorry, you don't.

 Maybe it's the "cute" name calling. In the past couple of months that seems to be all YoungMrFudge is capable of, and you little acolytes seem to lap it up like the drugs he's taking.

 A quick translation from the Fudge
    Lovely = Bullshit
    friend = someone he can get away with demeaning, as opposed to ~
    wanker = someone he can't

  Apparently DeusExMachina had decided that he'll make someone who had never spoken a bad word about him a special target for attack. Well folks,

  PepiSmartDog knows the truth about Fudge. He still doesn't say anything nasty about this completely amoral cat.

  Many of you are under the mistaken impression that Fudge didn't care about follow numbers.You'd be wrong again. Apparently you failed to notice the number of people he was following, not just his folllower numbers. But, he couldn't quite catch Pepi or myself. So he would follow our followers, until they followed an "anipal" back. I can not even begin to give you the number of folks that asked me if they should follow him. I always told them yes, as long as they knew not to get drawn into his games, and they thought they could deal with his moody nastiness.

  I always follow everyone, unless they're a spammer, whitening someone's teeth, or a bot(well, I have even followed some bots because they were funny!).There have been very few exceptions to this rule. The reason I do so is that so many folks when I had no followers to speak of followed me. Many of you do not do this, and limit your follows to only anipals that you have already spoken with, or can find out about from others you do know.

  This is probably not such a bad plan, as I can not possibly speak with almost 5,000 folks in a month, let alone daily. But they all have a space in a column on tweetdeck. I will speak with anyone who is not consistantly rude or nasty. Well, I'd probably rule out mass murderers. And I only block porno sites. I have never blocked a follower. I might unfollow, but I do not block. Many have blocked me, but that has just made it easier for me to ignore their smallness.

  Fudge on the other hand had a little over 4000 folks he followed on his last account, and while I can't speak for Pepi, I know I'd get weekly inquiries from my followers if they should follow Fudge. Up to and including Marshallsheldon, whom Fudge had no good reason to follow, except he was one of my followers.They have nothing in common, and Marshall limits his follows like many of you do. But because he was on my follow list, Marshall followed back.I doubt very much they tweeted each other as many as a half a dozen times.... 

  It isn't "Republicans, Conservatives or Christians" that have done him wrong, as they have done nothing to him. If you truly think that, then maybe you do belong in his sycophant crowd as you show yourself to be a simpleton, or at the very least someone who has never given up bigotry like his yourself...

  Perrythebirman knows the truth about this foul-mouthed character. Perry was smart enough not to let the little whiner back into his timeline after Perry tried so hard to smooth hurt feelings after Fudge's first major explosion. I on the other hand felt sorry for the stupid child, watching him go through four different accounts in less than a month. A couple of which I was the only one he followed, or spoke with, or DMd about 10 times a day.

  Then in July he disappeared completely for most of the month. When he came back,I'd see tweets to others, but he didn't send a follow request, so I forgot about him. I figured he was getting on with his life, and just wanted to start with a blank slate. All I could think was "Good Luck" kid, hope life treats you fair!

 Then shortly after Pepi died, I realized that he had followed me.(Or,I should say followed me under the account of SirFudgeEsq, as he had followed me under thecrazygoat acct, which was an acct where he never spoke with anyone, just sent out demeaning DMs and quizzes about celebrities he didn't like(oh,yeah, it was him, I could tell by his phrasings, and the fact that he was demeaning folks other anipals were mentioning they liked at the very same times!)).

 I didn't speak with him after he followed me on the SFE acct, figuring he'd speak with me when, and if, he wanted to. I laughed at some of his silliness, like I would with any of you who posted funnies. I shook my head over his story-telling about who and where he was. But never commented on it. Twitter for the anipals in particular is Fantasyland, where we get to be who we say we are, not who we necessarily are in reality. It's generally good fun!

 So it was after Thanksgiving in late November before he decided to speak with me. He was his usual charming, nasty, demeaning self. For some reason, he felt I should be afraid of such a cyber bully as he. I tried to set the delusional child straight. While I always attempt to treat folks with kindness and respect, I eat real bullies for dessert.(Would you like to see the assault and arrest convictions I have on Law Enforcement personel that thought otherwise?)

 Anyway, we tweeted about a dozen times before I told him in January that I would no longer comment on any thing he had to say. And, after this post, I will have nothing more to do, or say or comment about such a petty creature. I am shaking his dust off my feet. Anyone who asks me about him will be given the link to this post. So, if you reincarnate yourself again Fudge, send me the link, and I'll make you the exception and block you right off!

  This isn't about Fudge, he's truly a small ,sad, miserable misanthrope. I do feel very sorry for him, and that he thinks hurting people makes him more important somehow. I wish he felt more important in his own right. But...

 It's about the rest of you. Follow him if you want, when he opens his new account, and he will. But just remember he lies constantly and consistantly; demeans good folks that have never done anything in any way to hurt him, in fact, he singles out folks that have gone out of their way to help the ungrateful cur. He truly has no redeeming spark of goodness about him. He has willfully stomped that tiny spark into extinction.

  You've been warned. So follow if you must. There might be a few laughs there. But when he starts with you, you will know the truth about your great "friend". Act accordingly. And remember there is nothing he does that you are responsible for, he's his own worst enemy.

  I know the truth about Fudge.



  1. Ruthi: You are a star. It is utterly brilliant and not in the least spiteful, just factual. I, too, feel only pity for Fudge and wish him/her well. What a lonely and futile existence trying to belittle and demean others. He could have had so much fun and love in his life.

    Love you.

    Jazzy XXXX

  2. Ruthi, thanks so much for posting this! Initially when Fudge had his first big blow-up on Twitter and left in a huff, I felt bad because he hadn't yet reached his low-point of being so demeaning to everyone. I was never anything but nice to him, but after a while he blocked me. I guess it was because I didn't share in his desire to treat others so shoddily. Regardless, thanks for getting the word out. You did really well in getting your point across. grrlysquirrel

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  4. I removed the above comment because of poor editing on my part - no other reason. Here's what it basically said:

    Good going Ruthie! Thank you for standing up to him and stating the truth. I've had it with his foul mouth and demeaning attitude. I've always tried to see the "best" in people, so therefore was sucked in to conversing with him and even enjoyed many good laughs. But lately I was also the recipient of his many DMs when he was in a rampage over some little comment I had made (using the term blocking instead of unfollowing, etc. or asking in a caring manner how he was feeling.) I don't need friends that desperately on Twitter to put up with any more verbal lashings.

  5. I agree Ruthi...he attacked me LONG ago when I first started on twitter. He blocked me then and of course I blocked him. I have noticed legions of people talking to him. Not me, I am not interested in those who hurt the feelings of others. To me, if you laugh at people like that...well that pretty much tells LOADS about what kind of person you are.
    And he attacked my Perriwinkles? GRRRRR.....that shows he is completely delusional. Perry has never been mean to anyone....nor Jazzy for that matter!
    Bout time somebody told the truth about this goon....good going girlie!

  6. Right on, Ruthi! Glad you said it because it needed to be said. You hit it right on the head about so many points. Thank you!