Friday, February 5, 2010

Play Time Friday!

Hai folks ! It's Rosie again!

I asked mom how come only Dolly got to post her picture on here. I mean after all, I'm a contributor to this blog too! So mom said she'd fix me a shot to use on my posts! Of course, we cats got to playing with our DaByrd while she was taking pictues of me and I thought you might like to see some of them, after all next to napping, it's what we do best!

This is how it started ~

Then Molly got in on the act ~

Silly Molly,she thinks she can keep it away from us!

Well, she does have Luna buffaloed!

Hah! I just can't wait! It's mine now!!

This is what Luna normally looks like...snicker...

So, sorry Luna! It's my turn now!
Yeah, watch me for a while...You'll get your turn!
Heh! She thinks it's her turn now...well OK kid...I guess you can play with it now...

Well, there ya have it folks! What we cats do on a lazy rainy afternoon. I hope you have enjoyed meeting my sister cats!

See ya soon, Rosie


  1. It was nice meeting your kittymates. I didn't even know you had kitties in the house with you. Nice of you to share your spot with them.

  2. Hey Molly and Luna- let the supur prettie Rosie hog the spotlight with DaByrd. She is VARY VARY prettie and colurful!

  3. Looks like you're having fun! Loved the action shots.

    That toy would probably be more fun, though, if it had a squeaker in it. A very loud squeaker...