Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines For My Shelter

Thought you might like to see some pictures from when my mom took some toys to our local shelter this past weekend. They only have cats, but what can a dog say....

This time mom got pictures of some of their adult cats. She says they are all very friendly, and it is very cool that they all get to wander around and play together. They are waiting for their lunch here. One even got adopted while she was there!

This guy really did like his toy, even though he thought posing for a picture was
 the thing to do when a camera is pointed your way. Boy, I've got to talk to that cat and set him straight!

It's pretty amazing at our local shelter, they have over 200 cats and kittens and only the sick ones, or very small kittens don't get to roam around and play. Some of the cats even get to wander outdoors, and they have a big play yard where they get to go when the weather is nice.
Well, there you have it. Mom's trip to our local shelter. It's a pretty nice place as shelters go. It'd be even nicer though if all those cats had forever homes where they had their own hoomin to love.



  1. What a fantastic cat gym they have got!

  2. That doesn't even look like a shelter! Cool.

  3. That was sweet to take toys to the shelter! I agree with you, though, that the shelter would be even better if it was empty and ALL of those kitties got good forever families!

  4. OMC! Dat is a pawsome kitty shelter! I is glad dey liked their Valentine's hearts.