Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting excited now!!

Guess what? Next week is the Shorty Awards ceremonies.That means @Frugaldougal's staff and @YodatheDog's mom will be meeting up with @BZTAT in New York City! They plan to take lots of pictures and keep us updated on their adventure!

The Awards ceremony is on the 3rd of March. Should we throw a celebration pawpawty? That's next Wednesday. Might be a lot of fun!!

Congrats to our anipal friends! But we all knew they were winners, even before the Shorty Awards!



  1. Mom is so excited - I wish I got to go. I have to stay home with dad.

  2. Ohhhhh so exciting lets hope everyone has a great time I'm sure they will.

  3. Yeah! This is very exciting for our anipals!

  4. OMC! Dey is all meeting up in NY dat is pawsome! Momma wishes she could has gone. Very eggciting!