Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dolly won an Award,but I get to accept it!

Hai! Rosie again!

 Yoda the Dog was nice enough to give an "Honest Scrap" Award to Dolly. Thanks Yoda!

 Turns out according to Yoda's research this award has over 7 million entries on Google. That's a lot of bloggers who have been honored because they are "bloggers who put their hearts on display as they write from the depths of their soul."

AAARRRGGGH! Blogger ate my post!! Whine, Sob, CRY!...Now I have to do it all over again!!eleventy!!1!! (and I had saved it too!!) All that was left of my whole post is what's up there...

 Dolly is letting me write this acceptance since our No 1 on the list of things you may not know about us is that I'm the Chief Spokescat around here! Molly is the oldest cat, but she is rather  patrician in that she mostly likes to oversee stuff rather than take part.

 We are very honored that Yoda picked us, and hope you enjoy our list of things you may not know about us! Thanks Yoda!

No 2 ~ Molly and my favorite treat is Kitty Kaviar. Luna's is any and all food in sight!

No 3 ~ Some of you may know that I like to read, especially books about cats. I do book reviews here from time to time, so check back to see my latest review when you get a chance. I'm the educated cat around here. Molly would rather I read aloud to her than do it herself, and Luna keeps trying to eat my books!

No 4 ~ Dolly and Ginger love their toys. Now I'm sure that isn't much of a secret, but what Dolly really loves is our toys! Sometimes I think she's half cat. I mean, you should see her! I expect at any time she is gonna start Kangaroo Kicking my Plague Ratsie! (please don't tell her I "ratted" her out,OK?)

No 5 ~ I am a treasure hunter! I can be found in the highest places and the hardest to get to drawer in the house looking for surprises to bring to mom. I have built in GPS. I can go in one drawer and come out 4 drawers over with my special offerings!

I mean, just look at these! I like leaving them all over as a special surprise for mom to find.

No 6 ~ Mom's special name for Molly is "chickenbones", reason being Molly is a very lightweight little cat. I look smaller since I'm a Torti on a Siamese type body, and Molly is a long haired dilute Calico. But I weigh more, a lot more. Luna is still a baby, but she is going to weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of what a Sherman Tank does.

No 7 ~ I love to sit at the top of our cat tree and look out the windows. This is much safer than the window sills, as Dolly can't join me there! I have never been outside except to go to the dreaded v.e.t., but it sure looks wonderful! I keep dropping hints that I'd like a KritterKondo so I can see just how wonderful it is!

No 8 ~ My favorite position is on my mom's shoulder. This makes it easy for me to watch her type my book reviews and do her twitter. It also makes it really easy for me to reach her chin with my paw. This way I can look her in the eyes and tell her I want a treat! ...mmmm, treats!(be right back!)



Oh, sorry, where were we? Ah, yes the list! Give me a minute while I clean my paws...


OK,Ok,I'm back! You can't expect a cat to have a treat without cleaning up afterwards, now can you?

No 9 ~ Oh, the top spot on the cat tree? That really is mine. It's mine I say! Molly prefers the triangle thingy that swings, probably because she can step into it from the back of the couch rather than climb the trunk. But I love to be above everything! Luna used to like the triangle thingy, but her way of getting in it left much to be desired by mom...running leap! Good thing she moved it away from the wall! WAIT! I see an usurper! Luna get out of my spot! BRB folks, gotta go get the brat outta my place.


Hey, Luna!! LOOK! There's dogfood over here...Heh, told you she'd eat anything!


Ok,back to the list...

No 10 ~ We have a wonderful time at our house, but we love all of our Twitter and blog friends. But I guess that isn't something you didn't already know is it?

Now for the list of some of our friend we'd like to give this award to. Ten folks we like to read, and we'd like to know more about.

First is  Blindmaximus. Since he's a sweet little dog, and fairly new to blogging, I bet there's lots he can tell us!

Then there's Henry, aka Quadpawd who has stepped into his big brother's pawprints so wonderfully. But we want to hear more about Henry!

Third would be Jazzy da Cat . I can't wait to hear all the fun things she'll tell us!

Next is Jed Bramwell I bet there are lots of things we don't know about Jed, Tito and their movie!

Fifth is Lainey I bet there's lots of things she'd like to tell us about her new sister and COOKIES!!

And how about Marley and Lola ,they have a wonderful blog. but I'd like to learn more about the terrierists!

Two of the coolest kitties,none other than Inigo and Rumblepurr I sure they have lots to tell us, especially about the adventure they have just started!

Number eight would be Mattie da Dog I loved his story about how he got his home. Bet there's lots more to tell!

And then, would be Cute I know they have something cute every day! But I bet there's cat secrets they can share!

Lastly there's Huntyr who does many exciting things that I'm sure we all want to learn about.

Well,there ya go folks! Ten things you didn't know us and ten folks we'd like to hear more about.

Thanks again Yoda for giving us this award.

Rosie, Dolly and crew


  1. OMC!!! Thank you BOOTIFUL Rosie!!! That is so sweet of you, and we love learning more about you...(we think maybe you need to put up more photos... just mewin... heh heh heh)

    We'll be sure to post this after our little adventure ends!

  2. Great post Rosie and some very worthy new winners. I am a literary dog and I think you are as smart as Koko but also like Yum Yum since you like to steal stuff. Have you read their books?

  3. OMC! I am so new to this award fingy - I am really so honoured and speechless - a first for me! thank you so, so much!

    Loves ya all!

    Jazz XXXX

  4. Thank you so much for da award!! I'm, I'm speechless!!