Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rosie's Review of "Under the Paw"

Hai everyone, Rosie here!

  Thought you might like to hear about a book I just read. About cats, of course. Just before Christmas @LaddietheMutt sent it to Dolly as a pawpawty pwise. But I'm the reader/book critic around here...snicker...(as Dolly might say!)

I think that's Pablo and Bootsy, two of the cats in the story.

  It is the tale of an English fellow,Tom Cox, who loves his cats. He'd better, he and Dee have six of them. And all the things they have done through the years for their cats, and all the fun things their cats have done to them. Like being sure to leave little treasures on the pillow.

  He tells of his childhood cat, Monty. Who was quite dog-like, and went for daily walks with him.

  And then of the cats they have later in life. Like The Bear, who's an evil genius, or was either Houdini or a tragic Shakesperian actor in another life.

  Then there's Janet, who must have been a little retarded, but loves everyone, and not surprising doesn't care that his name is so feminine!

  And Shipley, who talks more than a Siamese, and has his own Chicken Song for when he's trying to get fed some of that bird!

  Then Ralph, who's a little crazy and insecure, and needs to be told he's beautiful.

  Pablo, who started life as feral cat, but loved everyone he met and every meal he could get.

  And lastly Bootsy, the tiny grey finally girl cat!

  It was a fun little story about how he quite rightly realizes that cats are the superior species, and it's his job to see that they were never short of treats, toys, a soft cushion, or a sunpuddle. And that his cats gladly return their affection for his having remembered these basic facts!

 So, if you get the chance, I highly recommend that you read this book.

~ Rosie


  1. We only have 4 cats but it sounds like a good story. I will ask dad to get it for us and he can read it to us out loud! Thank you for the book review Rosie.