Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wow! I am honored to have such wonderful furiends!

Wow! This must be my Caturday!

  First,@RomeotheCat was kind enough to mention me and NCHS on his blog ,in his Shelter Appreciation Week series! Thanks Romeo! Remember folks we can all help in little ways,and our local shelters can use the help,so go help yours!

  And then I got an award from @Rumblepurr and @Inigoflufflebottom!

Thanks guys! @GeorgetheDuck and I are now honorary cats!

  Now the deal with this award is that when you get it,you have to tell 10 truthful things that others don't know about you and then pass it on to seven other furiends to do the same...

  Well, I don't know that there ARE ten things folks don't know about me, cause I talk all the time...



  ...OK,I'm thinking!...


  OK,OK,here ya go!

 1) My favorite game to play with my family is Keep Away!...snicker..I grab somebodies shoe and then run all over the house with it! The more they try to get it from me the faster I run! This technique is especially effective on Little Girl! My mom not so much,so I make sure to pull her shoe laces really tight so when she gets her shoe back she has to redo them or change her shoesize by at least one size!...snicker...

 2) We all have nicknames ~ Luna has earned the moniker of "The LunaTick" cause she is such a funny kitten! Rosie often gets called Ro-Ro, but I don't think it's because she's a little dinghy! Molly gets called Da Mol,but she is much too elegant to be a mobster's gal,and sometimes Mau-Mau,I hope that's just for the sound cats make and not because she's about to attack me!

 Ginger sometimes gets called Gin,because she is quite a genie when it comes to getting in and out of tiny spaces for such a big dog! But Flicka's is Houdini since she can get under and through spaces no other horse would even try, even little dogs can't get through some of them!

  3) Molly's favorite treat is Kitty Kaviar,Ginger's is anything she can eat!...snicker...mine is Ritz Crackers! This is another fun item to play Keep Away with! I steal the package away from Little Girl and then make her chase me all over the house to get them back! I usually get to keep the crackers when we're done as Little Girl says I've drooled on them...plan works perfect!

  4) Mom says Rosie and Vulture have the same birthday! I don't know that that is exactly the truth,but mom was there when Vulture hatched! She says that she didn't realize a bird could be so tiny,even just coming out of it's egg! (a little Cockatiel egg is only about 3/4 of an inch long!) We got Rosie when she was about eight weeks old,and that is how old Vulture was then,so they could have the same birthday!

  5) Vulture got her name because Snowflake and Princess, her parents tried too hard to keep her clean when she was little! She was the only egg that hatched so they kept cleaning the pinfeathers on her head til she was bald! Mom moved her to her own cage and hand fed her til she learned to eat her babyfood out of the bowl by herself. Rosie ate out of the bowl with her! They are still good friends.

  6) My registered name is for my dad, Jacob, who is Pt.Loma's Magic Mirror and that mom says the first picture she saw of me looked like I was sprinkled in gold dust! So I'm Magic Gold Dust!

  7) My real name Dolly comes from the movie "Hello Dolly" cause mom says I act just like that character! My breeder had wanted me to be called Melanie after the lady in "Gone With The Wind", she had named all the pups for that movie, but mom said I could never be that gentle! Either way I guess I'm a movie star...snicker...

  8) I like to swim! But not nearly as much as Ginger. When we go to the lake I swim a bit with mom, and then sun bathe on the boat. Ginger on the other hand is a swimming fool! Mom takes a 25' lunge line for a leash for her...she swims out as far as she can go and then swims back to the boat over and over and over and over and over...til she finally swims ashore and collapses on the beach. Five minutes later, there she goes again! All. Day. Long.

  9) My favorite toys include a pheasant and a raccoon,but my most favorite is a little formerly stuffed monkey that Ginger and I play tug-o-war with(she lets me win sometimes too!) Mom would never dare get rid of that monkey! I also like to get the cats' duckies and play Keep Away from the cats...snicker...

  10) Last but not least, our favorite place to be in the evenings is as close to mom as we can get! Ginger lays on her feet,I wrap myself around her heels.She doesn't dare move! Molly sits on the back of her chair,Rosie on her shoulder,and Luna when she is not helping mom type is in her lap! We make very sure she has a great time talking on twitter or playing Bejeweled on facebook!...snicker...

  OK ,seven furiends ~

 1) BorisKity He's out to save the world one kitteh at a time and a wonderful guy to know!

 2)Baby Patches Now I bet BP has been given this award many times,but maybe she has a few secrets left she can tell us,she is a cat after all !

 3)Brutus the Dane Fearless Leader along with @HanktheDoggy for #Dudefest who loves to give his opinion and drink Bacon Beer!

 4)Lou of @LouPeb he has written some really fun stuff at his blog and probably has gotten this award many times,but I bet he still has more fun stuff to tell us!

 5)Rocky of @RockumSockum. I think we might have to wait a day or two for Rocky's list 'cause he's still sick. But I bet his list will be interesting!

 6)Lainey Well,Lainey doesn't really have a blog,but I bet we all want to know about her cookies! So maybe she'll tell us at her site!

 7) BadAndy ! Yeah,BadAndy doesn't have a blog yet...Why not Andy??? He would be the funniest anipal blogger of all! If this little dog can do it anybody can...So we want to hear your 10 things we don't know about you. Do it! (Please?)

  Well that's it for today! I am so honored to be thought of by my furiends! hope you liked my list!


 UPDATE ~ Lainey does have a blog,her secretary just hasn't fixed the link yet to her other site! Lainey's blog ,that she's stealing from her mom too! ...snicker...


  1. Concats on your award and thanks you for givings it to me. Although I has gotten it once befores you knows me all too well as you knows I always gots somefing to says.