Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poppy Dog and Hansee Bundee's Wedding

  Wow! What a wonderful pawpawty we just had! Everybody dressed up so beautifully (or handsomely,if you fellows prefer!) I bet sekurity was pleasantly surprised to find  almost no work!(well,except for Raven's wardrobe malfunction!)

  Evervybody talked and danced and ate and drank and pawtied for twenty-four hours in celebration of Poppy and Hans wedding. JavatheCat's wonderful catering for the wedding and Cookie Man's and my Flicka da Cookie Cafe served tons of elegant wedding fare,as well as helping to gather donations for Sunny Harbour. I wonder just how much Pink Champagne got consumed ?....snicker...

  The DJs are the best, the quizzes are so much fun, and the pwises are super! I hope all of you had as much fun as I did!

  Everyone started to gather early for the big moment,and plenty of hankies and spirits were passed around! It was a very merry occasion,and all were proud to attend! Everybody was thrilled when Frugal Dougal and Poppy came down the aisle, SirBarley and Hans waiting there!!

And,The Wedding!
This photo says it all!


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