Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Turn, Finally! And I got lots of Pwises! I am the Luckiest Dog on Earth,and so Thankful to know all of you!

  Flicka and the Cookie man were so busy last week with the Flicka da Cookie Cafe that she didn't leave me any time to blog! Which wasn't too bad a thing since Ginger and I spent the time playing!

  Bruno,Hank and Brutus did a great job on #dudefest and a really fun time was had by all I'm sure.There was lots of good noms(TootyBrutie,anyone?) and BACON BEER! Everybody enjoyed that! Bruno drove a team of horses to the Dogmingo River with a load of hooch,bacon and regular. Everybody joined in to help him lighten the load! Lots of folks enjoyed having a cookie at the Flicka da Cookie Cafe! BuzzLucas and JavadaCat  did a great moonwalk to BillyJean blipped by LouPeb,and then BigBoyBosco did a Chippendale's dance on the bar to finish his hour barktending! Heard he's still missing pieces of clothing...snicker....Very exciting! Then the Poo-guns came out!...snicker...And their charity is getting a really nice surprise!

  Speaking of surprises! I got pawpawty pwises today from @frugaldougal!! So cool! I think I'm gonna have to share with the cats though,that fur looks suspiciously like it belongs on a cat toy! HA! there's a ball attached,it's mine!! AND I got Cookies from LuckyDogTreats !!(Those are all for me & Ginger ! Hurray!!)As soon as I can get my mom up off her lazy butt,we'll have some pics here...........I'm waiting mom!!......


Come on Ginger! Mom says I can't have them til you get here!

OH! I just can't wait for her! That alligator chew has MY name on it!!

Yummy! Harrigan's Pub Liver Pretzels!!

Thanks again Dougal And LuckyDogTreat !

  And THEN I got the most PAWSOME pwise from!

  I won their October blog contest,and it's a really fun Hide A Toy Pumpkin! The pumpkin toy comes with two bones hiding inside! There's one for me,I'm the Treat!And one for Ginger,she's the Trick...snicker...,and a ghost!! AND more dog treats,some cookies and muttserella chews! OH, I am SO loving life!! MORE pictures ,mom...come on,I'm waiting....again!


They're making me wait...again! Come on over here Ginger.Yummy treats, I have dibs on the Muttserella!!!

This is what the toys look like, now that we've eaten the treats!...snicker...

  You are all coming to the twedding next weekend, right? Come celebrate with Poppy and Hansee, play some quizzes.There's close to FIFTY quizzes,everyone can win!!Yea! Win some great pwises like I did!!(and, I have it on good authority that there is going to be two Furminators as pwises this time,as well as some other really GREAT ones!!) Enjoy the tunes, and the noms. All for a wonderful cause. I guarantee you will all have a wonderful time!


Oh,P.S. Up top there you can find the links for both the @SantapawsDrive and Sunny Harbours.Let's help shelter animals have a great Holiday time! D

One more P.S....Thanks @GeorgeTheDuck, @Sanjee, all the Mostly Black Cats and their Typist for the graphics in my header!! D

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