Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Hi Everybody!

   November is Adopt a Senior Month! As you all know we lost one of our favorite seniors @PepiSmartDog back in September. Pepi proved that those old guys make wonderful additions to any family! His mom adopted him as a 10 year old,but they had over 8 years together,and loved each other dearly! So,if you have a space in your heart for a new member of your family, be sure and check out those "old" kittens and puppies.They have a lot of love to give!

  Also this month both @Romeo the Cat and @BorisKity have asked folks to adopt their local shelters! This is Romeos Challenge . Our local shelters need help now more than ever!

  So I thought you might like to meet Billy McPaw , he's the SpokesCat for my local shelter, the North County Humane Society. Billy is going to be getting his own Twitter account soon,so I look forward to talking with him then.

  Mom went there yesterday to take the homeless kitties some little mousie toys and give their staff some huge bags of kitty litter.Smelled like she played with lots of different kitties when she got home!She said the kittens were the most playful,but several of the adult cats were absolute purr-machines & loved the little toys and attention! Several of them found their way on to mom's lap or shoulder.Mom probably would have brought them all home, if dad wouldn't have killed her!(he says there are quite enough of us,thank you very much!)

 Mom took some pictures of the kittens~

Mom said these little guys acted just like hoomin kids! they would rather play with the package than the toys!

Mousie forgotten over there on the right,the kittens played with the bag the mousies came in,a sheet of paper,and mom's pen and keys!

This is Milo. He's playing with one of Luna's favorite toys here...snicker...

Arthur here captured and claimed that mousie as his own!

   Here's some more pictures of the kitties at NCHS that are looking for forever homes! Their website has pictures of all of their adoptable kitties! Hey, who knows,they might have just the one you need to make your family complete!

  So let's hear about your local shelter too! Go visit the doggies and kitties in your area that are still waiting to find their forever homes.You will have fun meeting them ,and they will enjoy it.Help if you can,but please visit,they love the company. Even if you can't adopt another animal yourself,you might even see one that would be purrfect for a friend!And don't forget those older guys, even ones with problems can be very special, worth the trouble, and will return your love ten-fold!


Update ~Baby Patches took some mousies to her shelter too!


  1. Dat iz pawsum...dem kittehs iz so cute n i can sees deh did likes da mousie too not just da packaging!

  2. We sure miss Pepi, he was such a good pup. As are you, for such a sweet post.

  3. Very cute little kittens! I hope they find their furever homes soon.

    Thanks for coming to say hello to Dante!