Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Update 11pm 12/10 ~ Wordless Wednesday on Thursday!

Meet Ming Shai!

(if you haven't had a chance to read the whole story start down on Dec 8th)

 Just received some pictures from @KittenRescue . She's a beautiful girl! And very curious too. This is her at the vet yesterday. The name they decided that fits her best (plus she answers to!) is Ming Shai. It's as pretty as she is!!

 Update 12/10 
 Our little old gal  went to the vet yesterday & everything so far looks really good! The vet said she appears to be abt 14 or 15,rather than 19.She was covered with fleas and matted,so she was groomed, de-flead ,and wormed.

 Turns out she has a funny gait,so they did an x-ray that showed at some point she might have been hit by a car.It showed a healed broken pelvis and femur.They don't cause her any pain at this point,but she does walk funny.

 She also had blood work & urinalysis done to see if she had any problem there. They came back as her being in generally good health,but may have the start of an urinary infection,so they are giving her meds for that.

  We hope to have pictures soon,so keep checking back,and we'll let you know how she's doing

~D,R,& F

  I just heard from @KittenRescue in Los Angeles that they are now in the process of springing the 19 year old Tonkenese Cat from the Carson Animal Control!!!(they've already pulled her picture from the site,or I'd show her to you!)

  Last Sunday nite @ersle RT'd a listing for this poor little old gal. When I saw it ,it broke my heart. Here's this little old cat that had apparently been dumped by her family(I don't know the circumstanses,but...)just before what could, under best of times, have been her last Christmas. I started ReTweeting & put up this tweet  ~
@flicka47: Calling So Cal peeps!Could anybody give 19 yr-old lady a place to live out rest of her life?
  Several of you RT'd it for me and we sent tweets out to @kittenRescue and @babypatches to see if their shelters could help.

  Then some folks volunteered to help pay to get her sprung.So as of 1:56 PST Dec 8th,she is now in the care of @KittenRescue & after a vet check will be going to a foster home.

  Thanks all that helped so that this little old lady will not have to spend Christmas in a cold cage.

 Merry Christmas to Caroline !
(now Ming Shai)

Update ~T'was the Night Before Christmas at the Animal Shelter from the #santapawty tonite

Dolly,Rosie & flicka

ps. as soon as I can get some pictures from @kittenRescue, I'll put them up.


  1. That is a GREAT story!!! So happy for the kitty. :)

  2. How nice everyone pulled together to save the nice kitty! Senior animals are so deserving of forever homes and special are the folks who are willing let this sweet kitty into their lives and hearts, knowing that the end will come sooner than had they adopted a kitten. Bless you all! Please keep us posted.

  3. Very, very cool news!!! Love to hear happy rescue news :)

  4. Hello bootiful!!! How great that things have ended up so well!!

  5. herz iz one purrty kitteh! so glads sum1 is lookin affer she nao.