Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paws for Japan

Paws for Japan

  As we enjoy St Patrick's Day please join in the Anipal Blog Hop in support of all the wonderful relief organizations either already on the ground, or on their way to help people and animals in Japan. (Be sure and read this whole post, there's a little surprise in it...snicker...)

  Many of you already know that several of us, and especially the Be The Change Blogs are supporting World Vets . Please visit their site to see what they do and how they are helping in Japan. If you can there's a donation widget over to the right, please help us help World Vets in the work they do.

  Also visit the Search Dog Foundation to see the great things they do. Here's an article from the Orange County(California) Register about what they are doing today(Mar 15th) in Ofunato City, Japan.  It's a big job they've got ahead of them and it costs approximately $15,000(or more depending on how long they'll have to stay) for each dog and handler. Luckily they do have a great contributor who was giving them $1. for every like they received on their Facebook page.(I believe he donated $100,000.)

  Most of us will never be able to donate like that, but we can all do our part to
 Be The Change 

 I personally want to thank each and every one of you who has donated not only to this worthly project, but to every charity shelter we have supported over the last two years. The anipals are awesome and they are Being The Change to help animals all over the world.

Saving animals one paw at a time!

  Now for the surprise...A little contest for visiting my blog. In the comments please tell me which was your favorite pawpawty in these last two years, or name your favorite Dog from Search Dogs Foundation. A randomly drawn winner from the comments will receive a $25. gift Certificate to  Nip and Bones Pet supply.

  Please be sure and visit all the blogs in the Blog Hop today in support of Paws For Japan and then we can all have a green Bacon! Beer together at #nipclub tonight! See ya there!

Dolly and flicka


  1. i have attended every pawpawty for da last two years, but i would have to say dat my favorite is still da very first one. it will always hold a very special place in my heart because it started something much larger den any of us could imagine! xoxo

  2. Hi Dolly and Flicka,

    Nice idea. Now I have to think about all the pawpawties... I think my favorite was the 2009 Halloween pawpawty, where I was Darth Cokie and discovered that @quadpaws was my Jedi son. I've been his Pop ever since. ; )


  3. My favorite was the second one, which was my birthday pawty! I rather enjoyed the Cat Pawty too, that preceded the actual pawpawties and set the stage fur what was to come. Dogs had to stay on the porch, and Frugal Dougal was so annoyed, he had to go and upstage us cats.

    The Brew

  4. We enjoyed the Scifi pawty and the Tropical Pawadice Pawpawty -- @LadyGreyFox and #4CatTweets

  5. One of the pawties that really sticks in my mind was da one Niqqi and pierre poodles did to save da Russian space dog from Area 51. They did a great video, and we were all broken up into teams for separate jobs. Then they had pics of all of us on the teams. It was really fun.

  6. Oh, Brew! I had almost forgotten THAT pawty... snicker...


    The dogs did come in the house though...after we played in the sprinklers and dug up the flowers! Morris ended up wearing a lampshade...snicker,snicker,snicker....

  7. Thanks for following me, Flicka, and thanks for all you do to help others in need! You are super sweet! : )

  8. Oh gosh - it's hard to pick out just one pawty - they are all so great. I always love the Scifi one tho cuz of the crazy costumes.