Sunday, October 16, 2011

So, does BlogPaws have an answer?

  I guess the controversy didn't end last month... here 's the link if you hadn't read it before.

  The question remains, is BlogPaws for shelter bloggers or for pet bloggers?

  If they are going to go with the shelter agenda of demonizing pet stores then they should let their members know, so the ones that like their pet stores or like purebred animals can move on to a group that will appreciate them. Otherwise BlogPaws is just being dishonest.

  Or maybe folks didn't believe me when I said I would no longer be quiet when they decided they had some kind of right to pick on other folks that didn't do things the way THEY wanted them done. They should have believed me, because I meant it.

  But, I'm going to use their own words this time!

  Gee... What have we got here? Only they care about animals.  Yeah, right. The only thing they care about is that you get your animal in their approved manner. Remember boycott pet stores and bad-mouth people you know nothing about!

  Blog post after blog post.... ALL from the same person who has stated she wanted ALL pet stores to stop selling pets, and ALL breeders put out of business. Not the least bit of bias there, is there?  CindyLu will parrot whatever she's been told. I'm willing to bet she has never been anywhere near a "puppy mill" nor done any research of her own, but that's OK because she hates pet stores anyway because they sell any lie will do. That a pet store and a so-called "puppy mill" are not the same thing doesn't matter. The fact that I have almost 10 years of experience with pet stores and their animals, and close to 40 years of experience with animal breeders that tells me the majority of pet stores and breeders are great people, doesn't mean anything to folks like CindyLu...she's got her lies to back her up. Talk about "inbreeding"!

  Once again CindyLu thinks she's the only one that cares about animals. Not the least self-righteous is she? And she just knows "most don't" because why? Oh, those blog posts over and over again. No bias there!

  So, BlogPaws needs to decide. Which is it? The shelter agenda of demonizing pet stores, pet breeders, and pet owners that don't marchstep to their tune, or is Blogpaws about all pet owners? I think an honest answer is required so that folks know where they stand and if BlogPaws is about them, or just folks that have an agenda.

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