Monday, September 6, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #4 ~ My Bed

Oh, this one definitely belongs to my cats!! This is Luna sleeping in the middle of her tree! Three cats, three sleeping baskets!

Yeah, Luna again! Awake this time!

This is Molly's favorite place to sleep, the back of the couch. She's not so sure about have a "bed" on top of it!

This is Rosie's second favorite bed, after the top basket on the cat tree!

Well,there ya go!
Some of my cat's favorite sleeping spots! 


  1. They all looks rillly cozy espeshly on top of teh cat tree way up high!

  2. Cool napping spots. I like the cat tree one the best - you can really keep an eye on things while you is napping.

  3. So much cute in your house my friend, I don't know how your human can stand it!!