Monday, March 15, 2010

An Out of This World Pawty!

STARDATE 20100313

What a super time everybody had this past weekend at the #SciFiPawty! There were aliens, time travelers and fantasy creatures of all sorts! @CokietheCat did this wonderful poster!

And that was just some of the Star Wars contingent!

There was trouble with tribbles, and @morriscat cooked green alien chicken with his phaser for us. Then there was @ZackRabbit's out of this world cooking show, and his wonderful Adventure with the @Legendofneil(It probably isn't showing, but at Twitpic this is animated! Zack says it's magic! Go here to see it in action!)


Boris had a costume contest for all of the out of this world pictures that folks did of themselves. If you go here you can see the winners and all the entries! Everyone of them was a winner in my book, and I don't know how Boris's Human2 ever decided !

And best of all, all the aliens, star creatures, fantasy visitors, and voyagers helped to raise over $1025. for Boris's shelter charity, the Animal Rescue League of Berk's County!

I hope Boris can be talked into doing another #SciFiPawty again, as it was a total Blast, and I'm sure everyone who came had a fantastic time.

~ Dolly,The White Lady of Rohan


  1. It was a fantastic pawty and @BorisKitty did an outstanding job. So did you on the menu. Love the pics too.

  2. Great post! It was a great pawty! We had to pop in and out (sort of like time warping!), but we had a blast!!!
    @tildatoo & Prudence the Coonhound

  3. it was an outta-this-world pawesome pawty!! And Ruthi, thank you so much for all your hard work on the menu! You shudda included dat link too, cuz that was a masterpiece!!

  4. I had a wonderful time at Scifi Pawty!