Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mmmmm, Bacon!
Being a little dog with a blog (http://flickasnipclubdiner.blogspot.com/ ) I have been on the Quest for the Perfect Bacon! for many, many years. I have found many wonderful uses for Bacon!(and eaten them too) OK, only ONE use, but you get the picture. (Oh! I didn’t include the picture? Well, here you go!)

 From Bacon! Beer and Bacon! Brownies to Bacon! Pizza, Bacon! Pralines, Bacon! Pears, and Bacon! Prawns, I have search the known world (and the galaxy! http://cookiecafeattheendoftheuniverse.blogspot.com/ ) to find the perfect Bacon!
I’m a pooch with a purpose, a hound on the hunt to find every tasty way to enjoy Bacon!

I live by the Rules of Bacon!

There has never been a truer statement than Rule Number 2.

Bacon! Apples, Bacon! Beer, Bacon! Chocolate, Bacon! Duck,
Bacon! Escargot (yes, I have made and eaten both of those last two),
Bacon! Frittata, Bacon! Gorgonzola…I have a Bacon! recipe for every letter of the alphabet and TWO for every number.

Then there’s Bacon! drinks and desserts!
I am the ‘virtual” sole proprietor for Hank’s Bacon! Root Beer! Hank the Dog had HIS Bacon! Beer, but I wanted something for the kids, and the young at heart! So, I mixed up a batch. No, unfortunately it doesn’t exist for sale in the real world…sigh. But I had to search the entire state of California to find a real Hank’s Root Beer and then mix it with Bacon! to create the perfect taste (it was great!).
Bacon! Root Beer Float anyone? Try it with Bacon! Praline Ice Cream!

If you make me your Extra Crispy Bacon! Critic I, and my devoted staff will chow down on every Bacon! in the land to find the finest crispy offerings. And, I work for kibble! As long as it’s Bacon! kibble!

Dolly’s Award for Bacon! Excellence

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